Divisiveness & Conflict Sweeping Through The Nation….Good Fortune, Security & Equanimity Can Be Reinstituted Locally….


by John Donnelly…….

“Truthfulness, Accountability, Competence & A Sound Mind”; are qualities usually “Required of a State Attorney”. Given their unbridled power and authority over our lives; they must be stable and fit to govern.

During this election cycle , the integrity and uprightness of the citizens residing in Monroe County, will be assessed via the ethical bearing and character of the State Attorney they elect. Returning a confused and duplicitous individual to this esteemed position, with inordinate power and influence; will be a societal death sentence.

This fractured figurehead appears to be consumed with deceptive and disingenuous notions of what constitutes “justice”. Her priority seems to be attending to her personal desires, via courting the wants and needs of the rich and well-connected; while neglecting the due process and equal protection rights of the middle and working class. To many this constitutes a vile and reprehensible action, which violates her sworn oath to “protect & serve”.

Poor judgment and incompetence are one thing. Standing idly by while citizens are seriously injured (Mr. Murphy et al.) and killed (Mr. Eimers) is another.

The traumatizing inaction of this “legal authority”, which was established and designed to protect the innocent and prosecute crime; is a dehumanizing abomination. My assessment is based upon research, interviews and a studying of the evidence and documents related to a multitude of cases, stemming from the state attorney’s office.

This appraisal is not a political or partisan position. It’s the criterion and manner of measurement that’s usually applied when assessing the effectiveness of any state attorney.

The indoctrinating notion that one must tolerate the intolerable, remaining silent for the sake of “just getting along”; are politically correct ideologies pressed for by dysfunctional leaders and tyrants. Eradicating this fascist suggestion from our collective psyches is a must, if we wish to maintain a country where our children are free to experience and discover the world, while flourishing in the liberties and protections guaranteed them, under “Our Law”.

It has been said that a society will elect the leadership they deserve. The residents and families of Monroe County deserve far better than what they’ve received under the misguided and unskilled actions of their state attorney. Broken leadership and imprudent actions arising from that office never appear to stop. The situation has become dangerously disturbing.

Cheer up….Nothing is etched in stone. Mistakes are frequently made and they can be corrected. If that be the case, let’s seek redress and make it right.

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