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Dear Editor,

So how does this work? In The City of Marathon there are 167 grinder pumps. Every one of them are in the ROW. NO resident was extorted to give up their private property, to hire an electric contractor, to pay for electricity for the pumps, extra permits, etc.. Their pumps were just put in the ROW. So why does the BOCC want to discriminate against the TAXPAYERS in the CRWS. Does it have anything to do with the 2.7 MILLION DOLLARS the BOCC took from the MONROE COUNTY INFRASTRUCTURE TAX FUND for the infrastructure of MONROE COUNTY and GAVE it to the FDOT to fix the St. of Florida’s infrastructure?

It’s not like the taxpayers of Monroe county don’t have any infrastructure of their own to spend this tax money on. So the BOCC just said F—- our citizens, they don’t know what’s good for them so we’ll decide and a repaired St. of Florida old falling down bridge is more important to the City of Marathon than a quality central sewer system is for the Florida Keys. Thank you BOCC for putting the taxpayers of Monroe County in their proper place.

Dr. Geno [Eugene Nanay]

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  One Response to “Discrimination?”

  1. The 167 grinder pumps in Marathon were installed in the “Right of Way” and the county pays the electricity.

    The County Commission has decided that the grinder pumps in the Cudoe Regional Wastewater service area will be installed in the residents yards and they will have to pay for the electricity.

    It certainly doesn’t seem fair and should result in a taking’s lawsuit.

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