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Letter to the Editor
From Eugene E Nanay Jr. …….

Every year the residents of Monroe County are faced with this Dilemma; Do we want the 5–8 Million DOLLARS those LOUD, Noisy, Rude, Nasty, drunken bikers spend down here on their Annual four (4) day pilgrimage to the southernmost city??? Or do we continue the Yearly two(2) day MASSACRE of our local Saltwater Cockroaches, while Destroying our Reef, despoiling the Environment, leaving their garbage and trash, while contributing minimally to the local economy. The Bikers come down here TO SPEND MONEY, the lobster mobsters come down here to pillage and rape, only Taking as much as they can get away with without getting caught. And MONROE County spoke, No Noise (No Millions in the local coffers), BUT come on down and rape and destroy our economy and environment.

Bring back the MONEY and dump the mini season.


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2 thoughts on “Dilemma?

  1. Time for the keys to take a hard look at the. TDC and all the useless and unnecessary ad campaigns and the money wasted on them. EVERYONE knows we’ve arrived as a ” world class ” tourist destination . And more hotels keep going in , how I don’t understand , because it just doesn’t seem sustainable in terms of what benefits the OVERALL quality of life for the folks who live here.
    I could list a host of problems and issues, especially the ones that have never been addressed properly, but we all know most of them. Time for a change.
    Before it’s too late.

  2. Maybe take a serious look at the danger they are to the KWPD. In time one or more will get killed. You simply can not control a bunch of drunk and drugged bikers. The answer should be easy. HELL NO

    If a potential normal tourist reads what happened last year they might not feel safe ever. So you wasted money trying to them.

    You must know when it is time to tell them STAY AWAY

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