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Dennis Reeves Cooper On Charlie Hebdo Tragedy

By now, you have probably heard the news from Paris: A little newspaper was raided by presumably Islamic terrorists after the paper published cartoons which made fun of the prophet Muhammad. At least 10 employees of the paper were shot dead. Back in 2006, employees at a Danish newspaper received death threats after publishing similar cartoons. This became an international story– although management of most media made the decision not to re-publish the actual cartoons.

Here in Key West, however, I made the decision to publish some of those cartoons in Key West The Newspaper — just to make a point. But I will admit that, just for a moment, I wondered if I might be risking a raid on KWTN. But I felt reasonably secure here in Key West. As far as I know, we don’t have any nutcake Muslims here. But had I been publishing in a large city, might I have made a different decision? Maybe.

Dennis Reeves Cooper
Former KWTN Publisher

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