Aug 142018

This week, creative kids had a chance to participate in a clay workshop at Fort East Martello. Holly Petruzzi, a visiting instructor from Los Angeles, taught students how to blend and marbleize clay to create the main characters from two children’s books, Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” (starring a fruit bat) and Janelle Cannon’s “Stellaluna.”

Students created their own solar garden lighthouse through the use of clay pots and paint. The workshop was the last of the summer-long program offered by the Key West Art and Historical Society before kids return to school.



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Amber Nolan
Amber Nolan is a restless travel writer who calls Key West home. Her work has appeared on USA Today,, Cruise Critic, Frommers, and several other travel publications. Amber’s most unusual project involved hitchhiking on small airplanes to 49 states, during which time she spent two years on the road, or rather, “on the skyways.” She is currently working on a book that documents the unusual journey and provides insight into the aviation community. Before getting into travel writing, Amber worked for an activist, investigative newspaper in London, so joining forces with the Blue Paper allows her to go back to her muckraking roots. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism.
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