Oct 142016
Photo by Vera Kratochvil

Photo by Vera Kratochvil

by John Donnelly…….

The 200,000 + children and civilians murdered in Syria, have not fared very well under the Obama and Clinton Regime. Of note, 25% of those killed by explosive weapons in this hell hole have been women and children. Since Obama publicly threatened the Syrian leader, while Clinton was Secretary of State, with his “Red Line” strategy; the slaughter of “Innocence” has exponentially increased.

Obama’s targeted drone strikes and bombings of at least 2 “Doctors Without Borders Hospitals”, along with assorted civilian deaths (collateral damage) resultant from “precision missile and air strikes”; which were “not that precise”; have all gone into creating the prolonged agony and torturous existence, suffered by the people of that region.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Putin, and ISIS; along with an assortment of terrorist groups funded by Iran; have all flourished and taken advantage of our frail and feeble president. Without restraints, their viciousness has manifested into the murdering of any living thing that gets in their way.

Shall America, the United Nations, NATO, the European Union and the rest of the world continue to do nothing substantive, of any real accord; flaccidly waving their empty rhetoric and issuing idle threats, while innocent children and the people of Syria are systematically slaughtered, under the most barbarous of conditions?

No worries, we have pontificating intellectuals in their think tanks, along with a 4th Estate that will pry and secure information, answers and solutions; which will hold the president, congress and the justice department accountable.

Using the liberties they enjoy, along with the constitutional protections and power of a “Free Press”; I’m certain they’ll prompt the administration into negotiating a deal similar to the one just signed with Iran. The administration can fly 400 million dollars, cash money, on wooden pallets in an unmarked plane to Syria. This may ease the tension and distract Assad; perhaps slowing down the rate at which he is killing his people.

If by torturing one person, perhaps someone of Assad’s caliber; a cessation to the aforementioned cruel and inhumane madness could be immediately guaranteed; “Should It Be Tried”? “Would you try it”?

If under the cover of darkeners, without anyone else’s knowledge, never to be held accountable; while sparing the lives of 50,000 women and children about to be sadistically slaughtered; would you implement an “Enhanced Interrogation Technique”?

Or, shall the world be content and accept the barrel bombs and poisonous gases that are being dropped on an innocent people, without the means to defend themselves?

We’ve had enormous sums of money taken from us, so that we might provide our children with an education. Of one thing, Obama and the Republicans are in agreement with: “The American Public School System is in such disrepute; it poses a threat to our National Security”.

“Delusions are completely merciless and benefit no one, least of all the people who fall under their control” (Geshe Kelsang Gyatso “How To Solve Human Problems).

My synopsis is as follows: Ignorant people, educated by fraudulent universities, in the ways of being Ignorant; have proliferated generations of lunacy. Successive eras within our history have created presidents, political leaders, analysts and agency directors who’ve produced, managed, refined, approved and instituted the means by which we murder and torture people. Highly trained minds, graduates from exemplary universities are the orchestrating this cruel and barbaric slaughter.

Why not parlay their evil, wickedness and stupidity into the means by which we can forever consequent and halt the purveyors’ of such violence and suffering; via giving them a dose of their own medicine?

Another method of interrupting violence and developing peaceful relationships is through a change in attitude and consciousness. Self-Realized and Self-Actualized citizens of the world rarely harm themselves or fellow residents. The wisdom, integrity and expanded consciousness they’ve amassed via proper instruction and a sustained effort; has freed them from the pull and drive of their baser instincts; for they are anchored in an ethical existence, which is devoid of acrimonious thoughts, ignorant words and imprudent actions.

At no cost to the school district, with a $10,000 scholarship being awarded each year; the Monroe County Public School System has refused to accept a “life and world changing offer”, which would provide each student with an opportunity to receive personalized instruction in the principles of Self-Realization and Self-Actualization.

Let’s bypass a credible method of addressing anger, violence and discontent; with a familiar and time tested educational practice that produces desperate government policies coming from bumbling and inept leaders; unable to improvise, adapt and overcome.

The real time challenges and threats we face are ignored, in lieu of polished politicians generating their own brand of fear, so as to distract their subjects from what is real, while reinforcing their alternative reality, with its prearranged and calculated narratives.

Masters of delusion, experts in conditioning the masses, chaos and calamity are good for business. Dividing and conquering has become a much sought after and desirable practice. If by chance, factions within a society are unwilling to cooperate and go along with their overseers, militarized force and violence are acceptable options. Remember, corrupted brokers of power decide who will be charged with a crime. They’ll determine what evidence, if any, is presented to a Grand Jury.

Hardened Marines suffering from all manner of injury on the battlefield; with blood, feces and tissue splattered all over their faces and battle fatigues, deposited there by their fallen comrades, did not torture the prisoners they secured after a combat engagement. Why? It was against the Law. We didn’t handle captured VC or NVA soldiers with techniques that were less likely to deliver a desired result. We wanted real time information critical to our survival and mission success.

But then again, we never let situations and circumstances ineptly unravel out of control, to the point of being compelled to commit a war crime.

We had Kit Carson Scouts (former Viet Cong) and a Marine who spoke Vietnamese; generate dialog and humanely interact with said prisoners. Document interpretation, troop locations (size, strength and objectives); along with a plethora of personal information concerning leadership, morale and weaponry; were immediately gotten.

Not much learned by the two previous “Civilian Administrations”– (16 years of Bush-Obama) from the Vietnam experience. The Business of War and the Military Industrial Complex remain profitable investments. Except for Mustang Officers, all Officers in the Armed Forces of the United States have graduated from schools of higher learning .

Unfortunate for many of them and their “Civilian Brothers and Sisters”, our universities, colleges and public schools deliver a second-rate education to sub-par graduates; unable to competently and effectively address the challenges of world leadership. Furthermore, the judgment and capacity to analytically reason belonging to these egocentric strivers, has for the most part been ruined by their college experience. All too frequently, their heads have been filled with so much mush; they’ve lost the intuitive awareness and common sense that they were born with. Detached from reality, in many cases they’ve sought safety in a “world of make believe”.

Their judgment, integrity and ethical imperative to promote peace and prosperity has been compromised. Unable to accurately analyze and honestly interpret data and facts set before them; they’re frequently catapulted into prestigious positions of authority, where they cause extreme harm and confusion. These self-proclaimed experts appear to: “know more and more, about less and less” (Nicholas M. Butler).

Why advance and elect flunkies, placing them in prestigious positions of power in the first place? They provide cover, insulation, protection and scapegoats for the shot callers and master puppeteers. Social engineering via the money people and purse strings of government, are lucrative undertakings. The dependency of inadequate and unskilled people of influence, upon those that brought them to the “promised land”, is all-consuming.

Reaping the fruits of seeds sown when weak and ineffective people are placed into powerful positions of leadership, will always rear its ugly head, when least expected. The in-custody death of an elderly and innocent man in Key West, while he was being arrested by the Key West Police Department; is a concern for the mayor, commissioners, city manager and police chief.

My understanding is that if the death of Mr. Charles Eimers is ever found to be an illegal killing or murder; there isn’t a “statute of limitations” that would protect those, who may now be involved in a felonious criminal act.

It’s my understanding that this new finding ( Illegal Killing–Murder) could possibly provide the means, by which anyone who committed a crime related to the “Eimers’ Killing”; such as obstructing justice, perjuring themselves, covering -up the crime, deleting or manufacturing evidence, conducting a fraudulent investigation, obfuscating the truth, conspiring or collaborating to deceive a grand jury, or engaging in prosecutorial misconduct, so as to deny Mr. Eimers his legal and constitutional rights; all those individuals who may have participated in the aforementioned behavior, as it relates to the new finding of an illegal killing, may now have committed serious criminal offenses, which could open the door for a Murder Charge being tacked onto a criminal complaint.

New leadership and supervision, with fresh investigators and clean eyes have the potential of producing a new finding. If such a scenario were to occur, the insulated fire wall, although well constructed, would rapidly break down and erupt into flames. Scapegoats and “dependency bound” employees would become “whistleblowers”, turning on anyone they could for preferential treatment. The remaining members lingering on within this corrupt operation, would begin to cannibalize one another.

Prodigies of the “Peter Principle”, along with the paradigm that it represents, have generated unrest, insurgencies and subjugation wherever they exist. In many cases, these types of people and the institutions they serve haven’t the necessary skills or qualifications to develop strategies that can authentically bring stability, reconciliation and unity into a nation and world torn apart by anger, resentment and partisan violence. For in actuality, they’ve been contributing and contaminating the gene pool with their toxic biases, acrimony and hate fueled ideologies.

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