Corruption & Lawlessness Normalized…Double-Standard of Justice & Ineptitude Uncovered At State Attorney’s Office–Misery Index Rising In Monroe County…

"Hanged", by Kai Stachowiak
“Hanged”, by Kai Stachowiak

by John Donnelly…….

Credible sources of information have devolved into putrefactive purveyor’s of decadence. Institutions of government, education, propagandized media and the judicial system; in too many cases have shamelessly prided themselves in distorting and manipulating data to suit their needs and ideologies.

Carrion connoisseurs versed in amalgamating “empires of wasteland”; these paradigms of deception specialize in broken dreams and destroyed lives, as they arrange the place mats and set the banquet table for their “Malignant Overlords”.

Conditioned as we are to accept the abuses of government and corporate America, little resistance has been generated to ward off the fascist advances of an ever-expanding “governmental authority”, never quite satisfied with the limits of its control and influence. Deadly force, imprisonment and financial ruin can expeditiously and self-righteously be introduced into any situation; with ease, comfort and fluidity, whenever our masters’ decide it’s an appropriate option.

Influence peddling, deceit and fraud at every level of government, has sowed the seeds of unrest and insurrection. As the rule of law has been substantively eradicated, by the very individuals charged with the duty of maintaining equanimity throughout the land. The trust and cooperation integral to the effective governance of this nation, are rapidly disappearing. The principle of “cause and effect” guarantees decline and dissolution under any leadership that maintains corrupt and malfeasant individuals in positions of power.

Chaos, anger and calamity under the rule of Bush, Obama and Clinton (24 years); has caused the “quality of our lives” to become one of a “dreaded existence”. Middle and working class Americans are enduring in “Survival Mode”; as the legacies of these Yale, Harvard and Oxford graduates are celebrated.

Congratulations must be extended to our school systems and institutions of higher learning for their role in establishing “Treachery, Deception and Betrayal”; as the cornerstone of society’s new norm. Let’s not forget the delusional ne’er do wells, always wanting to throw more money at a problem. This disingenuous remedy has never solved a problem nor provided an answer to a struggling student, languishing in the pain and despair of their ignorance.

Deranged school districts and their co-dependent sponsors are addicted to buying technological gadgets and toys for our students to play with; while remaining oblivious and ignorant to the real needs and desires of all children; to be authentically engaged in learning experiences that will positively impact their lives. Contingencies founded upon an unabridged curriculum, rich in acknowledging the “Wisdom of the Ages” and the “Science of Living”, are nowhere to be found in our classrooms.

Lacking integrity, professional achievement, ethics and an ability to speak honestly with the American people; along with being unable to respect and accept the divergent perspectives held by others; has made it necessary for political parties to consider and actually use violence against other Americans who don’t think like themselves. You know the saying from W.C. Fields: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”. Unfortunately, some politicians haven’t the patience for bullshit; they’ve accepted and utilized violence as a means of political expression (Republican Office Firebombed In North Carolina 10/17/16)–(WikiLeaks E-Mails).

Societal Norms and standards of decency have been deteriorating via a “secular progressive movement” (Non-Spiritual person or organization that promotes and supports liberal change and reform). Not a bad idea, if the authors of such ideologies are Self-Realized and Self-Actualized students and masters.

The progressive movement referred to, has exponentially expanded within the fabric of our society. The results have not been pleasant nor promising. In just one city last week 16 innocent children were murdered. In that same city; 2,229 innocent civilians have been shot and wounded in the last 9 months. This city is and has been under “Democratic-Secular Rule” for 79 years. It has the strictest gun-control laws in the nation. Problem is; these laws are aggressively enforced against law-abiding citizens, not against the criminals doing the shooting. Wouldn’t it be nice if the city’s leadership utilized their zeal and progressive policies to actually target criminal behavior. Perhaps something like “crime control”?

Not everyone should be a state attorney; same goes for a teacher, priest, mother, police officer, journalist, rabbi, father or leader of the free world. If your breed Airdates, you will get Airedales. As a nation we must break the cycle of ignorance perpetuated by a failed and flawed “school system”; unwilling or unable to deliver a world-class education to our children.

Facades and inequity continue to “mass produce” deluded graduates, unable to grasp or understanding anything of real importance. Forthcoming generations entering upon stage of life, will create the world in which we live. They will teach, train and hire exact replicas of themselves. Their collective consciousness will continue to produce the same results.

We have the means to increase every student’s level of awareness and raise their consciousness. We’ve chosen not to. Perhaps the standard bearers desire to maintain the status quo; for they know that an authentic alternative to the so-called education they received, might discredit their existence. It may invalidate all that they’ve come to know and believe in. Therefore, instructing students with the same information, so as to maintain a “standardized product” replicating the status quo, must remain the measure by which assess progress.

A cautionary tale: If we continue to accept a second-rate education and life, while rewarding corruption; moral perversion and depravity will become the “regulating standard” by which we measure achievement, happiness and equal justice under the law.

2 thoughts on “Corruption & Lawlessness Normalized…Double-Standard of Justice & Ineptitude Uncovered At State Attorney’s Office–Misery Index Rising In Monroe County…

  1. John sees and understands. George Carlin said the same before he was removed from physical existence. Probably a search on youtube for George Carlin and then a scan of results for education or schools would provide one of his performances where he spells it out very clearly. The future is not looking very promising for this country, this world…. except for the Overlords.

  2. Halloween,

    Always enjoy and attend to your comments.

    As you clearly indicate, throughout history “clarion calls” have been sounded to alert the populace to events and happenings within society, that are precursors to decline and domination…

    Thanks for your valued and thoughtful insight.

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