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Child Separation and the Ongoing Tragedy

The moral rot at the core of the Trump administration is child separation at the southern border of the United States of America.  Regardless of where one falls on the subject of immigration, this particular policy goes straight to the heart of our humanity.  The majority of these immigrants are refugees fleeing violence which has been fostered by the US’s lack of commitment to and engagement with Latin America.  If we think that retreating from the world is going to solve our problems, here is an example which proves that we must be involved in the world.  We are all interconnected.

Most of us wring our hands and decry the utter inhumanity and lack of respect for the dignity of the human being that child separation engenders, but it is the Republican politicians who lack the courage to stand up to a relatively small group of people who will cheer on Donald J Trump’s worst instincts at the peril of our humanity and of our nation.

Child separation and the industrial albeit chaotic scale on which it is being administered is unparalleled in the West since WWII.  In the United States of America, Japanese Americans were placed in internment camps on our own soil by our government and the Jews of Europe and others deemed undesirable were warehoused in concentration camps and mass murdered at the hands of government.

How could child separation ever have gained acceptance on any level in the United States of America? We know where this leads.  It is racist.  It is shameful.  Those in power who remain silent or are paralyzed with fear must pay a price.   Doing nothing has consequences as is so painfully obvious to anyone and everyone who is informed.   We cannot and must not wait two years because a handful of Republican politicians are concerned about their own re-election while families are being destroyed and children are being ruined physically and psychologically.

Kent Ducote, Key West

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2 thoughts on “Child Separation and the Ongoing Tragedy

  1. I wonder when will we start thinking about Americans instead of immigrants especially if they’re illegal?
    The reason for child separation is that whoever crosses the border illegally commits a CRIME and is a CRIMINAL and should be treated as such.
    If any American who has children commits a crime will be arrested and will be separated from his/her children ’cause it would be wrong to put a child in jail with a parent when this child has nothing to do with a crime commited by a parent. Parent and child are separated.
    There’s no difference with a case of illigals.
    In fact, some children do not belong to people who claim to be their parents. So, children are being protected from them by being separated.
    Those who decide to cross the border illegally know about child separation and all dangers their children will most likely face while traveling, yet they don’t care and decide to use and put their children in danger.
    Besides, there would be no separation if they chose to enter through one of the entry points.

    What really bothers me is that how much money are being spent on hosing and feeding those criminals!
    They hate American, they carry their flags with them, they don’t wanna assimilate and many of them have a criminal history.
    So, instead of worrying about those disgusting freeloaders who wanna take advantage of the system I think we should think about the needs of American citizens!

  2. It is not, nor has it ever been illegal to seek asylum in the United States of America. In fact, it is the foundation upon which this nation was founded. You, my friend, are a descendant of immigrants.

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