May 292015

by Arnaud Girard………..cartoon homeless downtown

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 May 29, 2015  Posted by at 3:06 am Art, Issue #116  Add comments

  6 Responses to “Cartoon by Arnaud Girard: Downtown Key West”

  1. fabulous, bravo – you nailed it, Arnaud!

  2. Have only heard negative comments from first-time, out-of-state visitors to Key West. “Price-gougers.” “Cheesy shops.” “Where’s the ‘charm’ we were told to expect?” “Couldn’t see anything except people, people, people — much too crowded.”

    And the folks who visited Key West in the 80’s or 90’s and returned recently say, “We’ll never come back again. The unique character of the place has been overrun with national chains and a mob of cruise ship passengers.”

  3. Wow sophisticated: beautiful and powerful. I want to purchase as as donation to Blue Paper. Plz Martha

  4. Have been going to KW for over 40 years. Yes many changes some good some not. Either you love it or you don’t. The homeless never caused us any concern. Only major issue I see now is a very corrupt police department and that will be costing the town tourists. and money. Yes a costly place to visit but that is the result of limited land in paradise.


    “Buy us a cup of coffee”…well I do. I donate $1 a month…its not much and it certainly does not break me…and at the end of the year that $12 just about pays for that cup @ Starbucks!

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