Broken Trust Destabilizes Communities & Nations


by John Donnelly…….

Madmen and women rushing through a valley of delusion, skirmishing in the froth of ignorance, as they proclaim their wisdom and importance. As each one of them dies, the world goes laughingly on without them. Materialists and ‘world worshippers’ spend their lives battling to ‘get theirs’. Upon their departure, they leave with nothing.

Don’t you dare question my conduct; for my money, position and prestige has its perks and privilege. It buys influence, ascendency and admission into a perplexed, bewildered and aggressive fraternity; which will provide me cover, by whatever means necessary.

Are you challenging the veracity of my duplicitous documents and story lines? Better not turn your back on me. By the way, I’m just saying, watch what you’re teaching your children and stop examining me so intently, as you’re probably not looking after and enjoying the things that you love, while you still can.

Surreptitiousness, double dealing and cover-ups are the names of the game. How foolish of you. Haven’t you learned the rules? ‘Standard operating procedure’ calls for me to be treated differently. I’m special, therefore your law is not applicable to me. With the right players in place, there’s always an alternative to justice. Why waste your time and money to investigate me, while subjecting yourself to personal attacks. Please be advised, I’m insulated from the potential consequences applicable to me via a thorough, deliberative and legitimate application of the law. I’m not societally akin to the common folk. By the way, their herd mentality manifests a vulgar and provincial stench that is ‘so bourgeois’.

Anyway, as you know, my ace in the hole remains intact. I know where the bodies are, and how they got there. If I’m called upon to evoke a more militant reaction, I’ll blow the roof off your collective houses; for I’ll rat each and every one of you out. I know the details concerning all your dirty deeds. If the facts don’t fit, no worries, I’ll just make them up as I go along; acquiring witnesses to attest to my distortions. We will all go down in one ‘glorious blaze of disrepute’.

As a public official, shall anyone ever be authentically questioned and held accountable? Or shall the smoke, mirrors, double-talk and alibis continue to reign supreme; as misconduct is embraced and validated, while taxpayers and the law-abiding public are forced to absorb the malfeasance of those in power.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or, how about obeying the letter of the law, particularly, when you’re a guardian of the ‘public trust’.

I’m cognizant of principled individuals in good standing who’ve been called a nasty thing or two in their lives. On those issues that required a response, they engaged appropriately. When verbal and written assaults were launched against them, which they thought went beyond the pale, they made certain that a fitting application of the law provided them with the relief they sought. They weren’t afraid to exchange blows or be hit. We have a body of law that determines the suitability of one’s communications.

Anonymous rants containing invectives and veiled threats that target an individual because they’ve thoughtfully challenged the conduct of an appointed or elected official, are the mark of a wounded and desperate person, in need of assistance. They bear little authentic impact upon the matter being discussed. In the real world such nameless expressions are meritless and discarded. If you believe in the individual being called into question, stand up boldly and fearlessly, robustly proclaiming the truth and magnificence of this person, as you know it to be.

Sensitiveness and fragility are not suited for public life, particularity, if an official desires to play fast and loose with the rules governing the propriety of their conduct.

Egocentricity causes weak and thin skinned politicos to be frightened, disturbed and unstable. That is why we have strict laws regulating their conduct; so the ‘People’ might not be injured from their criminal excesses. Affording protection to citizens and taxpayers from the aberrant demands forced upon them by these political elitists, has been sorely lacking. A shadowy comingling of character defects and criminality has blurred the lines of righteousness. Negligence and dereliction of one’s constitutionally ordained duties, appears to have become the ‘new norm’.

The 1st Amendment to our Constitution, contained within our Bill of Rights, guarantees freedom and independence of the press. The founders of the United States of America knew that this instrument of communication was vital in maintaining a free and liberated society, protected from the distortions and misinformation, which invariably arise from the powerful, well-connected and ever expanding government.

Our form of governance was designed to be a servant of the ‘People’, not their overlords and masters. It was hoped that the ‘Fourth Estate’ would curb the phenomena whereby: “Absolute Power, would Corrupt Absolutely”.

Acquiring the skills and disciplines necessary, so that one may respond to the scrutiny of the press with poise, grace and humor; are prerequisites for public life. Effectively warding off hostilities and conflict stemming from an inquisitive inquiry, while nurturing a cordial relationship with those covering you via the media, appears like a smart thing to do.

What is done in the dark will come out in the light. If I’m rummaging through the filth of back room deals, creating strategies to scam and cheat the public, so that my standing in life might be substantiated, I’m not inclined to be forthright with anyone.

However, developing masterful replies to critiques that one believes are inaccurate and incomplete are assured of being published, as they provide a valuable counterpoint, which offsets the need to file a lawsuit against any perceived offending party. Journalistic integrity calls for the presentation of all sides of a story, provided the alternative versions are factually based.

Emotional and frothy attacks directed at the authors of a journalistic analysis, frequently diminishes the appeal and stature of those launching the attack.

The ‘Constitutional Apparatus’ to prosecute and place in prison those officials who violate our laws, has been in place for approximately 228 years.

This mechanism for justice, doesn’t appear to get much play, as a cozy relationship based on greed and avarice between those designated to prosecute crimes and the criminals themselves, appears at times to have highjacked the judicial process. Protection money, pay offs, quid pro quo arrangements and personal favors; characterize the collusive nature of these types of criminal agreements.

If one doesn’t have the stomach to implement the available legal tools to modify behavior in need of correction, perhaps they should find another profession. Or better yet, they should be prosecuted for collaborating with a ‘criminal enterprise’ within their jurisdiction. The conviction rate on such cases, involving dirty politicians and public officials, would be astronomical.

My family, along with many millions of my Brothers and Sisters, have sacrificed much for this nation. Despite our personal shortcomings, along with the imperfections of our country, many of us have in our own separate, courageous and dignified manner; given much to maintain the principles upon which this nation was founded. Three successive generations within my family shed their blood in combat on foreign soil, receiving 5 Purple Hearts, so that they might uphold the oaths they made, to protect and defend our Constitution.

I live and breathe with ‘salt of the earth’ Americans, who’ve far surpassed anything I could imagine accomplishing; through their hard work, steadfastness and acts of valor and love. These magnificently beautiful citizens endure daily hardships so that their families, children and themselves might have a better life.

As my God gives me strength and understanding, I will strive to maintain my diligence and determination in advancing against injustice. I will do everything within my power to prevent my fellow citizens from being robbed and ground into the dirt, through the inaction of government officials charged to protect them from rogue office holders and renegade regimes; content with exterminating ‘the dream that was once America’.

Illegal conduct and corrupted actions by those in and affiliated with government, violates the public trust and weakens our nation.

Where shall we find leaders willing to place the welfare of their constituents and country, before their own Self-Aggrandizement?

Has the proposition promoting a: “Government of the people, by the people and for the people…”, been forever sacrificed on the altar of darkness?

Let’s turn on our ‘Light’ and make it ‘Shine Brightly’ throughout the land; discarding and abandoning ‘all propaganda’ designed to handicap and cripple us into adopting a conditioned state of dependency and lack. These propagandists care nothing about us. Their twisted ideas and distortions are geared to divide and take advantage of a ‘People’ they are constitutionally bound to serve.

The doctrines and ideas of over-reaching governments and corrupted public officials are designed to control and obscure the clarity of the governed. Creating an army of automatons and valueless human beings, constructed to serve the whims of their wealthy masters.

We don’t need to look elsewhere for guidance, for we are innately empowered with our “Law of the Land”; the legal means to correct all abuses and miscarriages of justice. Those that interfere, obstruct or spearhead attacks against the “Constitution of the United States”; are the real Terrorists.

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7 thoughts on “Broken Trust Destabilizes Communities & Nations

  1. John,
    What an excellent column! It is masterful and eloquent, and you are spot on with what you say. It is incumbent of us all to be knowledgeable of issues that impact our lives, whether on a local, state or national level. And it is equally important to hold our elected officials accountable to do the jobs they were elected to do.
    It is unfortunate that many of those elected officials to whom your words are directed are either completely oblivious or are so arrogant as to think the duties really don’t pertain to them. It is our duty to remind them of their obligations to their constituents to do what’s in the best interests of them.
    I thank you for your diligence as a public watchdog and calling our elected officials out when they breech their sworn duty to the public. Perhaps one day you’ll throw your hat in the ring for an elected position, and if so, go right to the top…say, President. Donnelly for President! That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Thanks again.

  2. Formerbanker,

    Individuals such as yourself renew my strength and let me know I’m headed in the right direction. Your encouragement and kind words are sincerely appreciated. They ignite my spirit and stoke my inner flaw. Without the support of individuals of your caliber, I would have fell on my face a long time ago. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time that you take to comment on my articles.

    Battling powerful and corrupt government officials was not my first choice in life.

    It was brought to my attention via a plea from a disenfranchised mother, that her innocent son was going to be killed by the state. I initially said: “Maybe he did what they said he did”. I didn’t want to investigate the matter and then “Fight the Power”.

    I was going along my merry way, I didn’t want to get involved. Shortly thereafter I was taking a shower, a penetrating light, something on the scale of those nuclear bomb test, where you had to use goggles to observe the event from miles away, burst through the shower window. I raised my hands and arms to shield my eyes. It wasn’t any use, the power and brilliance of the light blinded me, causing me to fall to the ground in the bathroom tub.
    As I picked myself up from the fall, out of nowhere, a surge of awakened energy made it clear to me that this woman’s son was indeed innocent.

    I dried off from the shower and called the Office of the Inspector General in Tallahassee…. Over the next 2 1/2 years, myself and the team we assembled faced every manner of corruption and cover-up, up to and including death threats lodged against myself and members of our team. In addition, as the truth of their fraudulent investigation became clear via depositions, sworn statements, DNA and other evidence; those government officials involved with setting this innocent man up, had to get rid of him. He was the only person who could substantiate all of their criminal conduct, and the reasons for it. So these taxpayer funded government officials contracted a hit on the young man we were attempting to rescue and bring home.

    Fast forward. This man was returned to his twin sons. Married a Doctor. Graduated with honors from a prestigious vocational college. Owns his own business and is a consultant for businesses in his field. He has never been out of work. Does not use profanity and holds no bitterness to those who held him in solidarity confinement, isolated in the worst prison in the state for 2 1/2 years, for crimes that he had nothing to do with.

    We did it with the help of a “Power” that had our backs and sustained us.

    In no short measure, Formebanker, individuals such as yourself were responsible for our success. Your verbal support, endorsement and positive energy kept us going when things got very dark.

    Again, please accept my deepest thanks.

  3. Extraordinary people publish superbly written articles that are powerful and compelling.

    Thanks John.

    Many of your enemies and those that you’ve done battle with respect and admire your work.

    The lives you’ve saved, along with the members from their extended families, will never forget you.

    God speed to you, Naja and Arnaud and all Contributors//Commenters to “The Blue Paper”.

  4. Thomas,

    Appreciate and value your insights and sentiments. Thank you so much for the very kind words.

    I’m extremely pleased that you enjoyed the article.

    From the start we were all very cognizant that getting this man safely released from prison was going to require a lot more than just our tenacity, knowledge and wit. In fact, there was indeed a ‘Power’ guiding and directing our movements.

    Of concern, was the real and ever present danger that we would win the battle and lose the war. This was not the case. As the freed man was remarkably intact, upon re-entering society.

    Thomas, thanks again for taking the time to make your comments.

  5. John, I’m up in our ancestral homeland and this is the first chance I’ve had to get at a computer, and it was a treat to hear your voice again. Thanks for brightening my day with your passion and wisdom. I’d like to take issue with one small thing in your article, something we’ve kind of been over before. You say, “Our form of government was formed to be a servant of the people, not their overlords and masters”. This statement puts all the blame in the wrong place. The government, as it’s evolved into the present in America, has simply become an agent of the corporate plutocracy. Government does not have to be a bad thing, as this statement seems to suggest. A government free of this corporate domination is really the only chance we have to evolve to a better place. Your article is banging away at all the right villains, but I wanted to clear up what I consider to be a bit misleading. Great work John, ciao, Jerome

  6. Jerome,

    Fantastic hearing from you. I’m flattered that you took the time to comment on the article. Your wisdom and piercing insights are always valued and appreciated. Thank you.

    Our form of government, birthed upon the Constitution of the United States, was created to be responsive to the will of ‘All the People’.

    If corrupted politicians (government officials) have decided to sell out to those with money, they are guilty of government dysfunction, along with crimes and constitutional violations.

    The government (elected officials, bureaucrats and those appointed by other government officials) are the ones who have submitted to corporate domination because of their deleterious desires for wealth, power, prestige or fame. It would not be the way it is, if government officials did their jobs, followed the rules and did not seek enriching their lives with other people’s money.

    Corporations and wealthy individuals would not have one iota of an advantage over anyone else, if our corrupted government did not make it that way, through their pursuit of the ‘mother’s milk’ of all politician’s and political parties, the MONEY.

    The only chance we have to evolve to a better place is through strict constitutional adherence to the ‘laws of our land’. If a person in government violates the law, they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, an enlightened public via a dramatic change in what we call education, will be required if we wish to raise the consciousness of the electorate, so they might elect government officials free from the moral turpitude predominating the D.C. scene; as they professionally conduct themselves in accordance with our laws and constitutional stipulations.

    There wouldn’t be any excessive corporate influence, nor any catering to the wealthy by our government; if those in government didn’t sell out, so as to acquire their money. The fault lies clearly with those cowering and willing to do what’s asked of them, so they might access the wealth they seek. When government corruption stops, corporate and wealthy influences cease.

    Blessing & Respect, Always…

  7. John, I’ll always seek out your material, wherever I am. I disagree with nothing you’ve said here, it’s just that I get edgy when I hear so much criticism of the government when the problem is not “government”, that is, the idea of government, as so many people now adhere to, but that which controls government. I don’t want the idea of government being discredited, it is still our only hope in a modern, massified society. Now, as you so correctly put forth, it must be made to work properly, but we can’t do without it. That is all I’m getting at. ciao, Jerome

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