*BREAKING* Warrant Issued for DUI Manslaughter in Crash that Killed Delray Beach Police Officer

Lacy Marie Morris

Key West Police have obtained an arrest warrant for the arrest of Lacy Marie Morris, 32, on charges of DUI manslaughter following the April 8th crash that killed off-duty Delray Beach Police Officer Christine Braswell and critically injured Delray Beach Police Officer Bernenda Marcs. She also faces additional charges of DUI serious bodily injury, DUI property damage and possession of marijuana.

The crash occurred just after 1:30 in the morning on Truman Avenue when Morris veered her car into the oncoming lane and struck a scooter driven by Braswell. Marcs was a passenger. Both victims were airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center, where Braswell later died.

During the on-scene investigation, officer smelled the odor of marijuana emanating from Morris’s vehicle and observed that her eyes were red and glassy. However, Morris refused Key West Police officers request for a roadside sobriety test, as well as refusing to provide a voluntary blood sample. A search warrant was obtained, and police obtained the blood sample, which was submitted to FDLE for testing.

Toxicology reports came back this week showing that Morris had a blood alcohol content of 0.17. Judge Peary Fowler signed the arrest warrant requiring $170,000 bond. Police are actively seeking Morris.

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Note:  Information in this crime report is provided by local law enforcement. Please remember all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

5 thoughts on “*BREAKING* Warrant Issued for DUI Manslaughter in Crash that Killed Delray Beach Police Officer

    1. There is a link to the original story at the bottom of the article:
      “Morris reportedly refused to take field sobriety tests or provide a blood sample. Officer Young telephoned Assistant State Attorney Nick Trovato, who specializes in DUI prosecutions. Trovato immediately left his residence and headed to the crash scene. Young and Trovato drafted and signed an affidavit requesting a search warrant and arranged to see the “on call” Judge [Mark Jones] at his residence. Jones signed a judicial warrant allowing Morris’ blood to be drawn immediately at the scene. Morris was released pending the toxicology test results, which could take several weeks.”

      1. Thanks , I forgot the details.
        .17 is a bit high but alone other than illegal is not solid proof of too impaired to drive. Now we must take into account the time lapse from actual accident to time the blood sample was taken. It is a well known fact that alcohol does not instantly enter the blood. So we actually do not know her true level at the time. Also interesting is we are not told the results of blood test of the cops. They too might been drinking being the time of night and if so might factor into reason they could not stop in time.
        Also find it strange that they had enough reason to believe she was drunk enough to go after a warrant but not drunk enough to be arrested and allowed to leave without booking her and forcing a bond. I think this was a case of cops helping other cops and yes know for a fact they do this. I know of many cops that will drink and drive because they know that badge will let them get away with this.

        So we are missing some serious details such as time laps till blood drawn. Am reasonably sure it took over an hour.

        A person of near 200 lbs could easily gulp down 3 beers or a few shots and the results might take over 30 minutes to take effect. If she is arrested and can afford a dam good lawyer she just might win the case. What many do not know is if you are stopped for drinking and you know you are close to illegal the trick is to stall the test as long as you can and you just might pass it. As to road side test go for it because easy to blow apart in court. When your lawyer asks the cop if he knows you and ask how you normally walk, talk he will likely state no , so point here is then the results are compared to what ? At my age and health I likely could not pass it sober. We must factor the time into this and at 1 AM most on the road are drinking. In this case knowing KW as a drinking town the chances are dam high 90 % have been drinking. As to me and my wife we walk to the bars and not about to drive with anything more than 1 beer and not till sure it has worn off. Yes sorry to hear anyone died but in KW you should assume anyone driving is likely drunk.

  1. If I was facing the same charge and managed to get out on bail I too would run. She will be found guilty and looking at many years in prison. She likely is not even in the county or the state. Not saying she should not do time but if smart can run and never get caught till caught doing something to get arrested or stopped for. Her first stop will be to get some hair coloring. Maybe black or dark brown. Am sure the cops wanted to hold her but she beat the system.

  2. She could have been arrested on the spot for refusing to take a breath or other test. That is a misdemeanor. The Citizen crime reporter is also clueless saying she will be extradited to Key West. There is no extradition between counties of the same state, only between states or countries. They put her in a vehicle and drive her here. Did they seize her vehicle? Did she drive away?

    The Citizen always leaves out important information. Like the 3 students who did the home invasion robbery. They do an article about them being suspended but being able to attend some alternative classes but it says nothing about them being released on bail. Life felonies! Who gives a crap if they can attend classes? Obviously the education they got wasn’t very good at school or in life. The article does not say anything about them getting or posting bail. How much was or is their bail?

    Her lawyer says they are going to contest everything. Ha, maybe a breath test but not a blood test. Have it tested yourself moron, the results will be the same. Is she going to claim that someone else was driving the car? Typical lawyer bullcrap. So many people say they will be cleared of the offense (esp. politicals) and then of course end up pleading guilty or no contest..

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