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Dear Editor,

The 25th Kelly McGillis Classic Women’s & Girls Flag Football Championship Tournament was last month, in Key West. For the past 25 years. We have brought national and international teams to this city to play some great flag football, be the pro or the beginner. All different types of female flag football players have come to this great city for the event.

The tournament has been filmed by NFL Films, Inc. and ‘Football America’ which show cases women’s flag football, Key West and has been aired on national T.V., over a dozen times. Actress Kelly McGillis has loaned her name to the event and attends regularly. We also have received media coverage from around the world and the event had created the: International Women’s Flag Football Association (IWFFA), which has since introduced the sport and established female flag football in many countries and cities across the U.S.A.

All of our Monroe County Schools are invited to bring their team of girls – For FREE, and our local girls have never paid to play. We do not receive TDC funding, we do not receive big corporate sponsors, but what we have had to make this annual event possible…. are the “Mom & Pop” businesses. Those stores who are owned and operated by local people who live in the community, who will donate rooms, food, money, volunteers, whatever is needed to produce the event… they give.

It is for this reason, why I write this letter, to let all the people know that the machine behind the city of Key West are the Mom & Pop stores who care more about our community than the “bottom dollar”.

I gratefully thank all the businesses who have been so generous, all the schools, volunteers, coaches, parents and players. We really are a great town.

Diane Beruldsen

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