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“Sea Grape Mountain” by Deborah Goldman
“Sea Grape Mountain” by Deborah Goldman

Thursday, February 4, 2016 marks the opening of “Layers,” a joint showing of individual works by visual artist Deborah Goldman and photographer Carol Tedesco at KEPart Studio Gallery located at 534 Fleming Street. The exhibit will open to the public with a wine and cheese reception from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm.

The two have been friends for more than a decade and have previously exhibited together at the Emily Harvey Gallery in New York in the 2009 “A Book About Death” exhibit. In this current exhibit, both artists use layers of images and collage them one atop another—Tedesco doing it digitally with photographs, Goldman with painted wooden cut outs.

“Viewers may see a relationship, but this show did not evolve organically out of the work itself, but out of our love for each other,” says Goldman.

Goldman is an acclaimed visual artist and 2011 awardee of the prestigious South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship whose work has appeared in major exhibitions across the U.S. and is currently exhibited at the Hal Bromm Gallery in New York City. Focusing on nature, the passage of time, and the fragility of life, Goldman seeks to relay stories and the feelings they evoke through two and three dimensions. Her work showcased in “Layers” will feature a selection of her popular and widely collected cutout and layered wooden constructions.

“The actual making of this work is very different from the work with photos that I have been doing recently,” she says. “It’s more physical and there is an immediacy to actually cutting wood and painting. It feels more like dancing than walking.”

“Dancer 1” by Carol Tedesco
“Dancer 1” by Carol Tedesco

Tedesco is an award-winning photographer whose news and documentary images appear in publications world-wide and whose fine art images adorn walls in the US, Latin America and Europe. Selections for the KEPart show are new works that blend multiple layers to evoke a mysterious world with elements of dancing figures, fire, water, sand, and love letters.

“I do a lot of documentary and news work so the lion’s share of that, whether photography or writing, is solidly about “what is,”” says Tedesco. “The images created for this show evoke other-worldly states of being, half-remembered dreams—”what might be.” They are much more ethereal than anything I’ve previously created and presented. And while unusual for me, they do reflect a component of my nature, which is an acceptance of and connection with the invisible world and reliance on information that arrives via intuition.”

The artists will be featured for the month of February at KEPart Studio-Gallery and will also host a weekend morning reception on Saturday, February 13 at 10:30 am. For more information contact Kevin Peterson at KEPart Studio-Gallery, 305-890-6991/

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