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Artist Valerie Hoh at the entrance to her Ashville, NC studio. The former proprietor of Pandemonium gallery on Duval Street will be showing her hand-crafted art clothing, accessories and sculpture at The Gardens Hotel, 526 Angela Street, Sunday, February 18, from noon to 7:00pm. (Contributed Photo)

Nothing Ho-hum about it: Valerie Hoh to present latest creations in wearable art and sculpture at The Gardens Hotel, one day only.

Valerie Hoh, former proprietor of the eclectic Pandemonium gallery on Duval Street, returns to Key West for a showing of unique, hand-crafted fashion art clothing, accessories and sculpture, to be displayed in the lobby of The Gardens Hotel, 526 Angela Street,Sunday, February 18, from noon to 7:00pm.

Hoh, who is also recognized for her colorful house number tiles that adorn properties throughout Key West, (and can still be found at Island Style Gallery on Duval Street) strives for a completely new genre every year or so to feed her creative expression, and since moving to Asheville, NC, 14 years ago, she has returned to Key West almost every year to spend time with old friends and show her collections.

Model Linda Evans wears her own set of Hoh’s Afro-Beat jewelry - hand built, hand carved, fired and painted ceramic pieces assembled with rubber tubing and grommets. (Contributed photo)

Visitors to Sunday’s show can avail themselves of the venue’s d’Vine wine bar or full service bar while exploring Valerie’s “Hoh Couture” fashion line and tribal Afro-Beat jewelry, which express her passion for hand building, carving, painting and stitching on fabric and clay. Both complement each other for a unique style.

Hoh says that 2017 was a year for donning rubber boots and gloves and searching the earth for discarded treasures to create her latest obsession, ReWorx - Objet D'Art, an exciting new collection of unusual metal art sculptures that encompass a variety of creations, such as jewelry display holders, lamps, Ikebana for the table  - whatever her discoveries inspire.

Model Rhianna Wurman wears one of Hoh’s Calypso jacket creations, embellished with fabrics collected over time by the artist and paired with Afro-Beat earrings, which are hand built, hand carved, fired and painted ceramic pieces assembled with rubber tubing and grommets. (Contributed photo)

Highlighting the event is the always-popular fashion show at 5.30pm with Leda Naomi Andrews and friends, with music by Peter Diamond.

“Returning to Key West is always a high-point of my year,” said Hoh. “It’s fantastic to reconnect with old friends, learn about what they have been creating, and share my own creations. And his year, I’ve also been working on clearing out my studio, so those who come to the show at The Gardens Hotel can score some designs from past collections at a price designed to delight.”

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