Artist Jimm Sherrington to be Honored by McKee Fund

Engraving of Flagler's train on prehistoric ivory.
Engraving of Flagler’s train on prehistoric ivory.

Local artist Jimm Sherrington has been selected as the 2016 recipient of the Anne McKee Artist’s Fund’s Miriam B. Goode Award to be presented at the Fund’s annual fine art auction on January 31st. Jimm’s first Anne McKee Artist’s Fund grant was awarded to him in 1998. In 2011, with another Anne McKee Artist’s Fund grant, Jimm was able to purchase a piece of prehistoric ivory and won the Fund’s Jack Baron Award recognition. According to Jimm, “One of the many pieces from my very successful show at TSKW which never would have happened without the grant I received from the Anne McKee Artist’s Fund. I’m much beholding to this organization.”

Jimm still carries on the tradition of scrimshaw and over the decades has found an assortment of environmentally friendly materials ranging from prehistoric ivories of the Mastodon and Wooly Mammoth, chunks of which are found in the permafrost of Alaska and Siberia, to the vegetable ivory of the South American tagua nut.

Most of Jimm’s days are now spent painting, his first love. “I can lose myself when painting because only one thing counts: what you do next. What I’m attempting to do is bring a three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional plane often with a touch of humor. “

Jimm has been donating a piece of work to the Fund’s fine art auction since he received his first Anne McKee grant in 1998. He is certainly an artist helping other artists with his talents and time.

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