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Another View on Uber


Dear Editor,

In addition to your good story on Uber economics and regulation, the thing that I miss in Key West is Uber’s convenience. When you arrive at your destination, you just get out. No fumbling for cash or 3 minutes in some ancient ink-based credit card ritual. The drivers are very incented to earn their 5 stars for each ride, and their cumulative rating is visible before you get in the cab. Uber now or Uber later. It is a superior, digital approach to a protected industry that has refused to innovate for far too long.

Brad Wheeler, repeat tourist
Bloomington, IN

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4 thoughts on “Another View on Uber

  1. I couldn’t agree more with Brad. Obviously taxi cab companies and tax cab drivers hate Uber, because Uber is the future and the taxi cab industry isn’t a fan of change.

  2. Readers, As most of you know, I am a taxi driver in KW and have been forced to enter this fray against my will simply because of the sheer ignorance expressed by those who know nothing about the taxi industry. This will be my last entry about all this. The innovation you talk about is perfectly OK with me and the fact of the matter is that taxis in KW have been innovating for years. The equipment we use to pick up thousands of calls everyday, 24 hours a day, wherever you are wherever you want to go, is there for all to see. If Uber has added this wrinkle of apps and no cash, I have no problem with that, as long as they buy the necessary permits to operate. They could do that. They represent the most wealthy segment of the whole economic system. Now, if Uber had to deal with the volume we deal with the whole game would change and your “better” service would be down the drain. The Uber model of capitalism has not and never has helped the consumer, but it does lower wages in any industry it has been allowed to operate in. Uber drivers, at this point, are little more than “scabs” lowering the possibilities of all workers. Perhaps this is a bit too much for the average person to digest, because its symptoms take a while to manifest themselves, but you can look it up. Uber represents a form of capitalism that hurts the majority of people. And really, with regard to some of the things I’ve heard about taxi service and such, things that have been attributed to Uber but that we’ve been doing for years, well … that’s it. The tone deaf people who only have an opinion because it flatters their egos, people who will not try to see the truth if it goes against this self image of themselves, well, I’ve got better things to do than try to change their opinions. I’m out …

  3. To all following this Uber thing, Jerome has yet to try and explain this highly complicated secret taxi business. He thinks we are all too ignorant. All he has ever said is “it needs to be regulated”. Not once has he told us why. Sure he is upset because this is the mans living at stake. KW has likely been running illegal for years and been getting away with it. How can the city set the rate for all to charge ? And by limiting the number of cabs it set up what looks like a scam with maybe kick backs. Never was a need for the city to do anything but see to it that the cabs are insured and reasonably safe and that the drivers are safe. Sure charge a fee but not thousands.
    What Jerome has done is piss off future riders and likely cost himself tips. Why would we tip someone that just called us ignorant ? The courts will be handling all of this by law and the legality of the city will be under fire. Had you not got stupid and pushed for an arrest all of this might have worked out better for all. We have not used Uber yet mostly because we prefer using cash and simply call 305-296-6666 and service has been fast. I seriously question the speed to get picked up fast by Uber but this should be our choice.

    He says they can buy a license. Really ? Who is selling one and how much ? Nobody in right mind would invest $200 k just to drive for hire. I look to see the case dropped and not make it to court. And if lucky not get sued again.

    Perhaps the city might look into charging a tax on the so called value of this license.

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