Aug 052016


Dear Editor,

The eulogy was given by the current director of the FBI. Who are these people who are Too Important to Prosecute? Why is the American Injustice system failing in dealing Management Crime? Management crimes are such that a person of responsibility who is or should be aware of a situation, has the ability to influence and choose to do nothing or cover it up. A simplistic-example; a worker bee observers a manager perform an act that is a threat to national security. The worker bee Blows the Whistle. This creates a scandal, and in fear of his (sorry about the gender thing) life flees to a non-extradition location while being crucified by the press. In the meantime what about the Criminal-the manager? Well, it wasn’t intended, accidents happen, didn’t know, and besides “Historically” those things aren’t prosecuted. General Petraeus got a pass. So there you have it. We live in a country of Laws, where all persons are equal under the eyes of the law, unless you’re too important. If this isn’t a mockery of Justice I haven’t a clue. How about a Supreme Court Justice who claimed the the US Constitution is a Dated Document. Of the People, By the People, For the People, not anymore.

Dr. Geno

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