Abundant Gratitude

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by Mary Susan Axberg…

In October of 2014 an article was published in “The Blue Paper” written by my late husband’s dear friend John Donnelly. Your decision to publish his story produced a miracle in my life.

The article highlighted my husband, Robert Axberg, and his meritorious service to our country as a United States Marine serving in Vietnam. It was during this time that John and Robert became acquainted, as they traveled via helicopter into battle on combat missions. My husband was a ‘door gunner’ assigned to deliver John and his Marines to their designated locations.

Nearly four years prior to his death, Robert was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As was always true to his character, he battled his devastating illness with incredible strength, courage and determination.

The last two weeks of his life were spent in the VA Hospital. Although we had discussed it before, it was on Robert’s deathbed that he struggled to sit up and make me promise to him, that if any difficulties ever arose after he was gone; I was to go to John Donnelly for help.

As I was settling my husband’s affairs, particularly that of seeking an affordable loan modification on our homestead, within my modest income, I was served a foreclosure notice from the institution that held the note on our property. I was shocked and dismayed, as I had been led to believe this institution was assisting me in the Home Preservation process. I was given only days to respond to the issue or move out.

I immediately contacted John. Without hesitation he went straight to work developing a solution that would prevent me from being put out into the street and save my home. He wrote the beautiful essay that was published in “The Blue Paper”. A defense fund movement was birthed, bringing in enough charitable donations to retain a competent attorney to handle the case.

To all the compassionate donors, mostly people we had never met, I cannot thank you enough. Your generosity, inspiring letters, encouragement and prayers spared me from a horrible set of circumstances. Words cannot describe the depth of my gratitude.

Jack Bridges P.A., spent a considerable amount of time away from his busy campaign schedule last fall to meet with me; as he coached, encouraged and counseled me through my time of need. He filed important court motions on my behalf. He also referred me to the most powerful defense attorney he had become familiar with, when he served as a magistrate. He did this all without any compensation for his effort. Jack, my gratitude to and for you is deeply felt. Thank you, kind Sir.

Martin Hoffman, from the office of Hoffman, Larin & Agnetti, P.A., your powerful representation in my case, along with prompt and efficient action from your office staff; succeeded in obtaining a foreclosure dismissal, while securing an appropriate loan modification with the financial institution in question. Thank you for your outstanding performance. Mr. Hoffman, your credibility is scores beyond impressive.

Most of all, I give an enormous thank you to John Donnelly. Without his help none of this would have been possible. He is my treasured friend.

I must acknowledge the extraordinary effort put forth by School Board Member John Dick, as he rallied many veterans to come to my aid.

I give a special thanks to the veteran groups, rotaries, businesses and individual donors that came to my rescue. In my time of need, you brought light, hope and success into my life. I will never forget your generosity and beauty.

God Bless You All and God Bless America,

Mary Susan Axberg
Key Largo, FL

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