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The City of Key West has just added a new tool to help the community better connect to City government. Now, you can make a Public Records request right through the City’s web site. We’ve upgraded the Action Line to ensure quick, thorough responses to request documents.

On the City’s home page:, just click on the drop-down link from the “How Do I?” navigation tab. Hover the mouse over the tab and you’ll see the title “Submit a Public Records Request.”

From there you will be able to request anything you need, from a police report to a bid document. With the help of GovQA Public Records Software, the City is enhancing its transparency to the public while integrating a system that will better track public record requests across multiple departments, standardize records processing and fulfill requests in a timely manner.

With this easily accessible web portal the public can be sure it is receiving complete and accurate records in a reasonable time frame. It allows requesters to submit a new public records request, track the progress and receive updates by email. The requestor can also read any correspondence or notes about specific requests and download electronic records deliverables.

Requestors can continue to contact officials in person, in writing, over the phone or by email, but the requests will be tracked internally through this new application. Frequent requestors like reporters and attorneys may also set up an account.

“We’re very excited to provide this added tool to the community,” said City Clerk Cheri Smith. “It is enabling us to provide better service as well as better understand the direct costs of records processing.”

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