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Issue #83 — Friday, October 10, 2014

David Wolkowsky: “God Wasn’t On Duty One Day.”

Last Tuesday the County Commission found itself once again debating development of offshore islands.  Local attorney Barton Smith read into the record, a letter from his client David Wolkowsky, who argued that his island, “Ballast Key,” was a man made island and should escape the restrictions imposed on natural islands [for example they are limited to one house per ten acres]. “I envision the creation on the island of a small campus to be operated by the University’s [of Miami] Rosenstiel School.”

Mr. Wolkowsky was not present. The Commission praised his intention to donate the island for scientific research and the usual debate went on about whether all offshore islands should come under the same zoning.

Then something totally unexpected happened:  (more…)

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– Youtube video above by Marc Averette, actual footage during Hurricane Wilma, October 24, 2005

On November 4th we will be voting on a referendum to allow homeowners to voluntarily raise the elevation of their homes above flood level in order to protect themselves and their property. We saw thousands of our homes flooded during Hurricane Wilma. One way to protect them and to lower our flood insurance premiums is to raise them above flood level. Our current height restriction of 35 feet (25 feet in some neighborhoods) would prohibit many of those homes from being raised. One example would be a two-story home in New Town. (more…)

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Document Validity: A School District Quandary


Question:  When Is A Valid Document Not A Valid Document?

Answer:  When It Originates In The School District

Last spring, I got involved with community use of School District facilities.  I asked for a copy of all rules and regulations concerning public usage and received the following on April 18, 2014:

  1. SB Bylaws & Policies 7510 – Use of District Facilities
  2. Blank Facilities Use Agreement, Monroe County School District
  3. Community Use of Facilities and Equipment, Schedule of Rental Rates (more…)

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Robert adorning 'combat gear' at Fire Base

“There are 8 million stories in the ‘Naked City'”.  Illuminating aspects of a man’s life, whose selflessness knew no trepidation or constraint, is chronicled in the accompanying story.

Approximately 45 years ago, I had the honor and privilege to meet an extraordinary human being. (more…)

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Work Two Years and Die


Yes, the middle class is dying. We in the Keys are helping to kill it. Even those in the middle class themselves. How? Herr Dr. International Business Professor Boettger is going to teach you what “outsourcing” and “globalization” mean to us in Paradise.

The death of the middle class began with the gutting of labor laws in the 1970’s and culminated in the passage of NAFTA in 1994. At the time I was all for it, International Business being a prime MBA class that I taught at the time.  I, old Bush, Clinton, and a majority of both Democrat and Republican legislators all cheered. (more…)

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Of all the federal buildings in this country, you might think that the White House would be the most secure. If you’ve ever been to the White House, or even if you’ve only seen it through the fence on Pennsylvania Avenue, or even if you’ve just seen it on TV, you may have noticed the snipers on top of the building. And you probably assumed that there were dozens of Secret Service agents all over the grounds, as well as specially-trained attack dogs. And even more Secret Service agents inside the building. (more…)

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The Eyes Have It

What my mind sees when someone tries to explain quantum physics.
(Rubik’s Cube, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Remember the Rubik’s Cube? I have a theory that one of the reasons for the world’s ills today was the appearance of this nightmarish puzzle game in 1980. By 2009, over 350 million of these mental torture devices had been sold worldwide, which means that at least five percent of the global population has suffered serious psychological damage trying to match up the colors on the six sides of this “toy.” No doubt some buyers took a hammer to the thing in exasperation after failing to stumble on which of the 43 quintillion possible permutations “solved” the puzzle. Those who somehow restrained themselves from going Rubik in this manner passed the cubes on to others and others and so on ad infinitum. (Forgive them. They knew not what they did.) So theoretically, everyone on this planet could have come in contact with the RC at some point in their lives. I’m thinking the guys who started ISIS must have been among that cohort. Had they not, they would likely have maintained their sanity and the world would be a more tranquil, less deadly habitation. If this is what happened, we should definitely go all Fahrenheit 451 on these things to protect future generations. (more…)

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Mosquito thumbnail

How do you know if you are getting value from a public utility or taxing district that is not regulated by a Public Service Commission?  Over the last few years that question has been asked by many regarding the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD).  The answer has always been that the FKMCD is the most advanced, effective and admired agency of its kind in the US!  The Management and some Board members have worked hard to convince us that they are both operationally and cost effective in performing their function.  It is generally difficult to prove that this is not the case; however, recently the free market has demonstrated just how expensive our service in the Florida Keys really is.  (more…)

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Incredulous! Is This The Same Pablo Rodriguez?


I was incredulous when I saw the photo of Key West Police Chief Donnie Lee smiling and shaking hands with Sgt. Pablo Rodriguez, honoring Rodriguez for his fifteen years of service. Is this the same Pablo Rodriguez involved in the Charles Eimers case? Is this the same Pablo Rodriguez video recorded enthusiastically assisting fellow officer Mark Siracuse in the illegal public anal cavity search of Glenn Hanes in Bahama Village? Is this the same Pablo Rodriguez that cost the tax payers of Key West $ 287,500 in an out-of-court settlement for intimidating a fellow officer that refused to destroy video evidence of Officer Rodriguez intentionally driving his cruiser into a suspect on a bicycle?

There seems to be a lot of damage control “honoring” by Chief Lee lately. Credibility of and faith in the KWPD is rapidly diminishing and that is tragic for a community that calls itself one human family.

Alex Symington  

Key West

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Back in 1521 , Juan Ponce de Leon discovered the Island of Key West.  The island had been used as a communal graveyard by the Calusa Indians so he named the island Cayo Hueso (Island of Bones). Since that time this tiny island has produced so many interesting and crazy stories. This story is about Key West back in the 1970’s and 80’s, when smuggling was at it’s peak. The characters in (Island of Bones) are strictly fictional and do not represent any citizens of Key West !

                      Enjoy!   — Big Tuna


PART ELEVEN of Island of Bones Series…  (more…)

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rainbow knot marriage equality

Arlene Goldberg officially listed as wife of Carol Goldwasser on death certificate.

On the heels of a groundbreaking decision by the Supreme Court Monday that brought the freedom to marry to a majority of Americans, Florida also made history today as Arlene Goldberg and her late wife, Carol Goldwasser, officially became the first same-sex couple whose marriage is respected by the state. (more…)

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The South Florida Symphony Orchestra opens its season with the Tropical Beats Series Moonlight Treasures on Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 6:30 pm. The show will feature members of the Blue Door String Quartet and music by Dohnányi and Beethoven. Guests will be serenaded at the stunning La Te Da Restaurant located at 1125 Duval Street in Key West, FL.

“The South Florida Symphony Orchestra looks forward to treating our audience with a special evening of diverse music,” said Jacqueline Lorber, President and CEO of the South Florida Symphony Orchestra. (more…)

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Ceramics Classes at FKCC with Janis Jo Stevens

angel glass wings

Thursdays 3-6 PM, Starting October 9th through November 20

Figurative Sculpture in Clay

This five-week workshop will consist of demonstrations and individual instruction in modeling with water-based clay. During the course of this workshop students will make a figure from life, photo and/or imagination. A final piece can be fired and glazed. We will explore hand building using slabs and coils and optional use of armatures. Students will be introduced to various tools and materials used in sculpting techniques through basic principles. Appropriate for beginners to advanced. Students are encouraged to bring sketches or photos for inspiration if desired. For more information call Cathy Torres at FKCC Continuing education: 305 809-3250 or email Janis Stevens at janisjoy@live.com www.artbyjanis.com

Water-based clay

Instructor demonstrations

Individualized instruction


Sculpture Instructor, Janis Jo Stevens

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Florida Keys Council of the Arts Cultural Calendar

arts council

Thursday, October 9 thru Wednesday, October 15

Visit keysarts.com, Cultural Calendar for more listings & events throughout the Keys.

Key West Happenings


Friday, October 10

Ronny Bailey, Visions of Key West Opening Reception, 6 PM. The Custom House Museum, 281 Front St. 295-6616. kwahs.org Bailey recreates city landmarks from locally salvaged materials to bring Old Key West to life.

Call to Artists – Craft vendors needed: Grace Lutheran Arts & Crafts Festival: November 15. Applications available at gracelutherankw@att.net or call 296-5161.



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2013 King & Queen King Stephen "Sunshine" Sunday & Queen Diane May

2013 King & Queen
King Stephen “Sunshine” Sunday & Queen Diane Ma



Ongoing Events:

Aqua Idol every Tuesday beginning August 26 – October 14, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM – come support the candidates’ singers at Aqua Nightclub, 711 Duval Street.  75% of the monies collected will be split among the candidates and 25% would go to the campaign for which the winner is representing.  All monies will be donated to AIDS Help.  Free to attend!  All Candidates

Drag Queen Bingo at 801 Cabaret every Sunday from August 24 – October 12, 5:00 PM – Bingo at 801 Bourbon will divide all proceeds equally among the candidates.  All Candidates

All Candidate Events:


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FLOW TRIBE In Key West at The Green Parrot! October 17th and 19th

“Back cracking music.” That’s how the New Orleans natives in Flow Tribe describe their sound. It’s a groove-based gumbo, a mixture of classic Louisiana traditions (funk, jazz, electric blues) and modern-day influences (rock, hip-hop). It’s music that moves. Music that hits you in the heart and the feet. Music that sounds as celebratory as the Big Easy itself.

More than anything, though, it’s music that gets you dancing. (more…)

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Help Support the CoffeeMill Dance Studio! / Third Annual Benefit Sunday October 12th


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Walk on White “hIPSO facto” October 16th

coffeemill release

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