Mar 312017

Dear Editor,

When Tom Walker “claimed” that the CRWS would be processing 964,000 gal. in raw sewage per day using the 40%/25% estimated agricultural usage he was so full of CACA his breath smelled. I CHALLENGE Tom Walker to come up with Any DOCUMENTATION of agricultural usage to substantiate Tom Wakers WILD ASS GUESS. I personally use 0(ZERO) gallons of FKAA water to irrigate my crops as I lived on a cistern supplied water for 9 (nine) years before Hurricane Georges and then I got City water.

As I’ve worked for Large Utilities in a construction overseers capacity for over 40 (forty) years there’ve been Numerous occasions when I’ve had to “Manipulate” figures and documents (Cook the Books) to make things work or “Look Good.”

So Tom Walker–Prove to the Taxpayers that your 40%/25% a Fact or the usual WAG to get away Not abiding by rules and regulations that are inconvenient.

Eugene Nanay

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Eugene Nanay
 March 31, 2017  Posted by at 12:41 am Issue #212, Letter to the Editor  Add comments

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