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by Ben Volpian…….

In remembrance of the anniversary of the JFK assassination [November 22, 1963], I present a summary of key points and theories, of which some findings are new and brought to light after decades of research and the use of state-of-the-art technology:

1) The Magic Bullet Theory that a single bullet hit both JFK and Gov. Connally has been proven to be entirely possible. The jump seat that Gov. Connally was sitting in was actually to the left of JFK and lower and not directly in front of him as stated in the Warren Commission Report. When the seat was observed in the correct position for independent test purposes, the trajectory of the shot lined up perfectly to have been a single shot that hit both JFK and Gov. Connally. A coating from the bullet was found on the fabric surrounding the entry hole on the back of JFK’s coat. This coating could only have been there as an entry point as once the bullet passed through, the coating wiped off on the fabric which is a tell-tale sign of an entry point. Once the bullet exited JFK’s body, it began to yaw (tumble), and the wound in Gov. Connally’s back was the same shape and size of the 6.5mm shell that Oswald’s gun used. This wound was made by a bullet in the vertical position from the yaw as opposed to a normal, horizontal unobstructed flight. What about the so called “pristine” bullet? It wasn’t pristine at all, but was flattened out on one side as well as having other damage.

2) Oswald’s first shot missed and his 2nd shot hit both JFK and Connally in the back. He didn’t fire 3 shots, so the time frame to get off 3 shots in 5.6 seconds was now 2 shots within 5.6 seconds. Although there were 3 spent shell casings at his position on the 6th floor of the Depository, two were together and one was off to the side. This 3rd casing that was off to the side was used as a plug in the rifle chamber to keep out grit and moisture. According to information in the book and documentary by the same name, JFK: The Smoking Gun, the 3rd shot was accidentally fired by Secret Service Agent, George Hickey, who was in the car directly behind JFK’s limo. As Agent Hickey sat on the edge of his seat and/or stood up while holding an AR-15 rifle, he lost his balance as the car lunged and while trying to catch himself he pulled the trigger, thus hitting JFK in the head with the shot. This can be called the Secret Service Agent Theory, and as stunning and unthinkable as it seems, this theory is being taken seriously by many, especially after decades have been spent researching the possibility. Included in the research of this theory, the entire area of Dealey Plaza and blocks surrounding it were meticulously measured foot-by-foot with a laser device that was then input to a computer for analyzing. These findings helped to show how the Secret Service Agent Theory rifle shot could have come only from the car traveling behind JFK’s limo. During questioning after the assassination about the type of weapons available for use by agents while riding in vehicles in a presidential caravan, the Secret Service stated that they do not use the AR-15 for their agents…..“anymore.”

3) The Grassy Knoll has been eliminated as a shooting location because: The fractures on JFK’s skull leading from the entry wound in the back of the skull and traveling upwards from there are consistent with medical knowledge telling us that fractures lead out and away from a wound. If the fractures ran from the front to back or from the right side to the left side of the skull, then the Grassy Knoll or other areas could be considered, but that did not occur. This further proves that all wounds were caused by shots from behind JFK. How did the information about the skull fractures come out? With the blessings of the Kennedy family whose only stipulation was “no photos,” this information was released after a lone researcher was granted entry into the Kennedy Assassination section of the Archives. Compounding the confusion of the moment, the Grassy Knoll and surrounding area has been described as an echo chamber, which means a supposed sound (a shot) in one area (the Grassy Knoll) could be mistaken for a sound originating from another area.

4) Still on the subject of the hole in the back of JFK’s skull, the hole, as measured by 3 different physicians, was 6mm wide. Oswald’s rifle used 6.5mm ammo which did not fit into the hole as it was too big, but the .223 round that Agent Hickey’s AR-15 used….did fit, and it was an explosive bullet unlike the ammo used in Oswald’s rifle. The .223 round is sometimes described as explosive, but in fact it breaks off in pieces after hitting its target and does not actually explode, it just gives the appearance of that happening.

5) Federal Judge John Tunheim, Chairman of the Assassination Records Review Board, stated that the Secret Service Agent Theory deserves more study and interviews. And, he also said that a hunch he has……a hunch is that JFK’s brain had been placed into his casket and was buried with him.

6) 86% of all Americans polled did not realize that prior to JFK’s assassination, Oswald attempted to assassinate army Major General Edwin Walker, a staunch right winger who held Fidel Castro in much disdain, while Oswald was a fierce defender of Cuba and its system. Oswald’s assassination attempt from outside of the general’s home was unsuccessful, as his rifle shot was deflected by the wood framing that kept individual panes together in a window. He was described as being infuriated when he found out that his shot did not kill Gen. Walker, who instead was just startled and fell from his chair after the shot narrowly passed by him.

7) Although the CIA, Secret Service and FBI, etc. were around Mafia figures and other associated criminal elements, that alone does not suggest that these agencies had anything to do with the assassination. Their part, in what looks like an obvious cover-up, could well have been to protect their own, Agent Hickey, and deflect or hide other bad judgment by these agencies.

8) There could have been a conspiracy, however, a conspiracy can include spoken words of a call to action for Oswald, or an urging to commit a crime, or a cover up and not the actual commission of the crime itself. So in that respect, a conspiracy was very likely.
I have not used words like “alleged” or “suspected,” etc. in all of the above, but obviously in many instances those words and more could be applied while condensing the works of decades by others. The information for these points comes from various sources including, but not limited to: JFK: The Smoking Gun, JFK: Inside the Evidence, Cold Case JFK, and JFK: For the Record.

Judge Tunheim said that we might never reach a full conclusion, but that should not stop us from seeking the truth.

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  5 Responses to “The JFK Assassination: A Summary of Key Points and Theories”

  1. needless to say Mr. Volpian, we will probably never be apprised of who assassinated JFK; but think it can be safely asserted at this point that it was not Oswald. your sources are mainstream, therefore are to be discounted immediately as to veracity. it has long been established that intercourse at the very least, occurred between Oswald and the CIA and FBI. there is also no evidence to involve Oswald with Walker. the superficial link that does occur is due to a statement by Oswald’s wife; she gave that under duress while being held for two months by the FBI. the rest of your “evidence” is pure conjecture based on government issued information (where’s his brain?), which again, renders it useless.
    JFK, like McKinley, Garfield and Lincoln, were assassinated because they were opposed to the international bankers trying to impose themselves on to America. they tried to kill Jackson when he successfully repelled them.
    JFK was no saint, but he did understand the role of private central banking and the absolute power it dictated to the economy with its debt based money, and hence power to govern. he tried, however naively, to effect that power, and in my opinion, paid for that calculus with his life.

    • Thanks for your comments, I hear you. But, where we don’t agree is that information from these independent researchers has been gathered outside of government sources, and directly conflicts somewhat with the government’s own ‘Warren Commission Report.’

      The first time I heard about the ‘Secret Service Agent Theory’ I read 2-3 sentences, and then stopped reading as it seemed like the rantings of another crackpot. But then I saw what painstaking ends the author went through to come up with his theory, and for someone of the stature of Judge Tunheim to not dismiss the theory, which I thought he would, is interesting in itself. Sometimes the truth is more unbelievable than fiction. Right?

  2. ‘JFK: The Smoking Gun.’ Folks, you owe it to yourself to watch this very well done documentary. I happened to run into it this afternoon after last watching it in 2013, and to me it is just as riveting and shocking now as then. A completely impossible scenario that could not have happened…but possibly did.

  3. Mr. Volpian:
    take a look at this video. it’s 3 hours long but very good, and a real mind opener.
    not only will it give a credible explanation of JFK (tho it fell short of implicating the banksters except thru implication), but will give you a history lesson that you will never see in mainstream documentaries or schools.

    • keysbum, Over the years I have actually seen and read about some of the info in this video. My take is that some of it could be true, but: Too many holes in the plot; The gutter/drain/curb kill shot has been debunked as not possible; WAY, WAY too many people involved (if you were going to do away with someone would you tell/involve maybe dozens of people and half of the Dallas Police Dept.?); I’m aware of the Triangulation of gunmen theory, but am not buying it; Too many unaccounted for shots taken into consideration for this theory to work for me; WAY too complex of a plan, WAY too many things to go wrong for it to be accepted by a Mafia counsel; More………

      Very interesting, though, thanks.

      Some of the world’s biggest problems now besides evil bankers, etc. – you can thank Iraq’s Saddam and also bin Laden who set the stage for this chaos. IMO, combine them with the Arab League’s intel about WMDs and there you go.