Jan 052018

The non-profit organization, Legal Services of Greater Miami, Inc., is reaching out to low-income Florida Keys Hurricane Irma survivors with an offer of free legal services.

Eligible Florida Keys residents who were denied benefits from FEMA will be helped with preparing and processing appeals and those not satisfied with how their property insurance company has met its obligations may be helped with those issues.

The deadline to appeal a FEMA decision is 60 days from the date of the letter. Therefore, if residents were wholesale denied benefits and/or contest the amount awarded Legal Services of Greater Miami would be able to assist them, assuming they qualify for their services.

Clients can contact Maria Alvarez, Esq. directly at 305-438-2423 or their main line at 305-576-0080.

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  One Response to “Free Legal Help for Low-Income Individuals Denied by FEMA and/or Insurers”

  1. Do take advantage of this if you qualify. It’s better to fight with someone backing you than to fight alone, and these people have been working to right wrongs for months already.