Jan 022015
Medical Examiner Admits He May Have Been Misled by FDLE’s Agent Kathy Smith / Key West Marches For Police Accountability

by Naja and Arnaud Girard By the final days of 2014, the in-custody death of Charles Eimers had left many Key Westers with an uneasy feeling. “It’s as though every agency we rely on,” said community advocate Christine Russel, “failed, one after the other, to shed any light on what happened. Instead, the cloud over that man’s death has only gotten bigger and darker.”

Jan 022015
A Look Back: Top Stories in 2014

by Naja and Arnaud Girard Old Man Chapman What became of Old Man Chapman – the one man lighted parade – who goes up and down Duval Street on his musical tricycle? Thousands of people read our story of how Mr. Chapman was seemingly conned out of his family home [the home his father had built with his own hands] and was about to become homeless. Locals organized fundraisers, Key Westers and tourists from as far as Japan sent in their donations. Over $35,000 was [continue reading…]

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Jan 022015
Why I March

by Alex Symington……. I took part in a march for police accountability last Sunday with about fifty other concerned citizens of Key West. It isn’t as if I WANTED to. I had plenty of more interesting things I could have done on a Sunday afternoon; projects backed up or books to be read or just a nice civilized afternoon nap with my dog. Movies, shopping, biking, sight seeing, picture taking, visiting friends or hanging out at the beach. You name it; it probably is more [continue reading…]

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