Jan 062017
Oceanside Marina Part Two:  The "Condo Wars"

by Naja Girard……. Just as we were wondering whether Pritam Singh’s soon to open “175-room Hotel” on Stock Island was legal, The Blue Paper received an interesting tip. Pritam Singh is suing 7 of his neighbors for alleged unlawful vacation rental use of their condos at Oceanside Marina. He wants them to rent long-term. The $100 million question is whether there is in fact any difference between those old condos (2003) and the new ones recently built by Mr. Singh at that very same marina. [continue reading…]

Jan 062017
Guest Column: On Sanctuary Cities

by Sheldon Davidson……. Key West email and letter writers, hostile to the proposal of Commissioner Jimmy Weekley to have our city become a sanctuary city, have accused major American cities, such as, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, of breaking federal law for protecting and failing to pursue undocumented immigrants. The principal argument advanced has been that sanctuary cities, a term undefined in law, are required by federal law to actively assist federal agents in arresting and deporting such aliens.

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Jan 062017
Are You a Giver or a Taker?

In every workplace, there are three basic kinds of people: givers, takers and matchers. Organizational psychologist Adam Grant breaks down these workplace personalities and offers simple strategies to promote a culture of generosity and keep self-serving employees from taking more than their share.

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Jan 062017
Vacation Rentals for Dummies – Part II

by B. Vigilant……. Dear Editor, How to build a brand new hotel while there is a County moratorium on new hotel rooms: Start with one of the oldest working marinas, one with a public boat ramp and ample off street trailer parking, a tackle shop and ships store, rental slips and racks, storage units for marina occupants, inboard and outboard repair businesses, work racks, boat and yacht rental businesses. Add 79 Affordable Housing ROGOs, the ones that are supposed to build new workforce housing throughout [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
About the County Administrator's Letter to Editor

by Margaret Blank……. Dear Editor, Monroe County Administrator, Roman Gastesi, wrote a letter to the editor touting all the county’s accomplishments this past year. Unfortunately, Gastesi steadfastly refuses to address – or even acknowledge – the county’s many troubling, and very serious ongoing failures. This fundamental dishonesty undermines what is supposed to be a positive message and continues to erode trust in county government. Since Danny Kolhage joined the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) in 2012, long-term debt has sky-rocketed. Despite his posturing as “fiscally [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
Sheriff's Crime Report

Fight between roommates leads to drug arrest A dispute between two roommates Saturday afternoon led to the arrest of a Stock Island man for possession of marijuana. Sgt. Ken Fricke and Deputies Lazaro Valdes and Freddy Rodriguez met with the victim at 1:20 p.m. He told them his roommate, Henry Fayette, had thrown him down during a dispute. The officers could see no injuries visible on the victim. As he was telling them what happened, the victim told them Fayette had marijuana at their house. [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
New Year's Eve - Sloppy Joes - Duval St

Revelers celebrated the arrival of 2017 at the 24th annual Dropping of the Conch Shell at Sloppy Joe’s Bar on Duval Street Saturday night, one of four uniquely Key West ‘drops’ that occur on New Year’s Eve in the island city each year. The others are the world-famous Red High Heel Drop with Sushi the Drag Queen at the Bourbon St. Pub; the saucy Pirate Wench Drop at the Historic Seaport and the Key Lime Wedge in a Margarita Glass drop at the Ocean Key [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
New Boss(es), Same as The Old Boss(es)

by Thomas L. Knapp……. Donald Trump ran for president in part on a promise to “drain the swamp” that is Washington, DC. He positioned himself as a political outsider, beholden to no one and capable of bringing sweeping changes to a federal government set in its ways. But as Inauguration Day approaches, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the fundamentals aren’t going to change much. While Trump’s cabinet picks do reflect the usual party line changing of the guard, they’re hardly “outsiders” by any conventional definition. [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
Did A Famed Journalist’s Investigation Into JFK’s Assassination Lead To Her Death?

New Book Explores The Final Days Of Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen In 1965, Dorothy Kilgallen was at the pinnacle of her profession. She was a real-life Lois Lane, a woman who since the 1930s had earned acclaim as a daring reporter and columnist in the cigar-smoking, whiskey-drinking, male-dominated world of daily newspapers. Her journalistic fame even landed her gigs as a celebrated radio talk show host and a panelist on CBS’s popular TV show What’s My Line? But on Nov. 8, 1965, the intrepid Kilgallen, [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
There's No Place Like...a Hermetically Sealed Climate-Controlled Lucite Cube

by Kim Pederson……. If you are/were 77 years old, you might be feeling a little wear and tear, too. But unluckily you are not an object of affection that spurs thousands of people to send in hundreds of thousands of dollars so that your “materials” can be studied and repaired and then preserved “in a special temperature-controlled display case.” That honor goes to Wizard of Oz Dorothy’s ruby slippers at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. Created in 1939, the slippers have become, sadly, a [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
Social Engineering for Fun and Profit

by Ray Jason……. I rowed ashore at twilight because I wanted my little gift to be more dramatic. My time in the islands was ending, and this little Indio family had made my weeks anchored off their simple homestead so exquisite, that I wanted to leave them a memento of my visit. As I stepped out of my dinghy, the littlest child was her normal enthusiastic and inquisitive self. At four years old, the entire world just seemed to her to be one gigantic magical [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
Asphalt and Ambrosia

by Kirby Congdon……. In an essay, “A Few Questions for Poetry,” printed in The New York Times Book Review for the 1st of January, 2017, Daniel Halpern of Ecco Press tries to provide an answer to his headline. The phenomenon of poetry is a tradition that is useful, like a vitamin pill that is good for you. The poet W.S. Merlin is quoted as saying that poetry “addresses individuals.” Mr. Halpern suggests that in the “owners’ hands” there is a sense of sanctity within the “experience [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
New City Hall Dedicated

Mayor Craig Cates on Tuesday cut the ribbon in the dedication ceremony for the Josephine Parker City Hall at Historic Glynn R. Archer School. The magnificent, newly restored historic school at 1300 White Street now houses City offices, providing efficient and easily-accessible customer service to the residents of the island. Generations of Conchs were educated and worked in this building, and will continue to utilize this landmark for generations to come. “This is a wonderful moment in Key West history,” said Mayor Cates, noting that [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
Groundbreaking Key-West-to-Cuba Theatrical Exchange

The first theatrical exchange to take place between America and Cuba in more than 50 years is happening this January at the Key West Theater with their production of the hit Cuban play “Eclipse.” The run of “Eclipse” at the Key West Theater is extremely unique from a historical perspective. Although cultural exchange has been permitted in the past under the American economic embargo, this particular exchange is a true bilateral collaboration between two innovative theater groups: the Key West Theater in Key West and [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
Key West Sunrise Rotary Charity Golf Tournament

Charity golf tournament features $1 million hole-in-one shootout. Golfers stand to win big money and a variety of prizes at the 24th Annual Key West Sunrise Rotary Golf Classic on Feb. 26 at the Key West Golf Club. Player registration and sponsorship opportunities are now available for the tournament benefiting local charities and college scholarships. Prizes are awarded for first, second and third place in each flight as well as closest to the pin, longest drive, straightest drive and longest putt. Sinking a hole-in-one on [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
William Welch Painting Demonstration at the Key West Art Center

Friday January 13, 2017 4:00 – 5: 00pm Internationally known Key West artist, William Welch, returns to the Key West Art Center on Friday, January 13th for a painting demonstration at 4:00 pm. He will demonstrate the dot/dash brushwork of the impressionists, painting a floral arrangement in acrylics. William has spent the last decade following a nineteenth century painter’s path throughout Europe, concentrating in Normandy, northern Italy, Provence and Portugal. Welch’s recent show at the Galerie Blanche in Giverny was a successful display of his [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
National Key Deer Refuge's 5th Annual Camp Run-A-Muk, January 24-26, 2017

Camp Run-A-Muk 2017 Why should kids have all the fun? Join us at the National Key Deer Refuge for our 5th Annual Camp Run-A-Muk, an outdoor adventure/nature camp for adults (>20 yrs. old) who want to get outside and learn more about what National Wildlife Refuges have to offer. Camp Run-A-Muk is a three-day camp that will run from January 24-26th, 9am-1pm. This camp is only open to seasonal or permanent residents of the Florida Keys who can attend all three days. Cost =$45 donation [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
Volunteers Needed for Pigeon Key Art Festival

The 23rd Annual Pigeon Key Art Festival (PKAF) is putting out the call for volunteers to fill over 200 three-hour shifts on February 3rd, 4th and 5th at Marathon Community Park located on the Overseas Highway at 200 36th Street Ocean (MM 49). The PKAF is a fundraising effort to help support the Pigeon Key Foundation’s marine science educational programs for children from all over the country. Volunteers receive free admission to the Festival, a special PKAF t-shirt, free admission to the Beatlemaniax concert Saturday, [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
"Viaggio in Italia" Dinner-for-Eight Chance Drawing

Sons and Daughters of Italy Lodge 2436 present “Viaggio in Italia” (Journey to Italy), their third annual chance drawing to win a five-course Italian dinner for eight served in your own home. Viaggio in Italia features the regional delicacies of Italy. You will have the choice of multiple menus and multiple dates to plan your perfect Italian evening. Our chef and servers will come to your home and prepare and serve your feast for eight people. Ticket donation is only $5 each or 5 tickets [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
Calvin Trillin is Guest Speaker At Friends of the Library January 16

Monday, Jan. 16, the Key West Friends of the Library will present distinguished journalist and author Calvin Trillin as the first speaker of their annual lecture series. Lectures are at the Key West Theater, 512 Eaton St. and admission is free. The talks begin promptly at 6:00 p.m., but seating begins at 5:30 on a first come first serve basis. Calvin Trillin began working at Time magazine in the early 1960s after studying at Yale and a stint in the army. Since 1963 he has [continue reading…]

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Jan 062017
The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band Hits Key West Theater this Friday

This Friday January 6, 2017 Rams Head Promotions presents The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band at Key West Theater, 512 Eaton Street. Never one for sitting idle, The Reverend (Josh) Peyton has kicked off the new year the way he finished 2016, in a flurry of activity. They are fresh off of a US tour with old pals The Supersuckers and Jesse Dutton which featured dozens of shows across the country, just as dates for an extended European tour are starting to be announced for [continue reading…]

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