Ronald Sands

Mar 102017

‘THE HOOD?!!’ One evening an individual asked me “What hood you from?” I replied HOOD?!!!!! I am not from no ‘HOOD’ my friend, and I will never be. I then told him where I was from and where I will always be from. I am from The Slums I am from The Ghetto I am from from an experimental project started by our government called, ‘THE PROJECTS’ Where families with little and next to nothing, Not only raised their own families, they instinctively raised The [continue reading…]

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Sep 182015
Key West - I Came, I Saw, I Was Arrested

by Ronald Sands……. ….In retrospect, I see myself as somewhat noble, hell I was downright gallant. For in Key West, there was a dragon I had to confront. I am one of the shareholders/owner of the Lofton B. Sands Estate. And I wanted to personally confront why after three years under the control of a relative I have only received $100. While this woman has multiple vehicles, dripping in jewelry, etc. Police were called to my property at 322 Truman for an unrelated incident. One [continue reading…]

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May 292015

by Ronald Sands……………….. For decades I have existed in the realm of darkness; a place of deceit, the precise location of iniquity. And I was totally resigned to die there, with a crack pipe in my mouth, a drink in my hand and the facial orifice of someone vehemently bobbing on my lap. On the twenty ninth day of June 2014, I for reasons at that time unknown to me, left my family’s estate in Key West and voyaged in what, looking back to that [continue reading…]

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Feb 192015
Herman and Rod

by Ronnie Sands… One morning while pulling weeds at the base of Garrison Bight Bridge, I observed two joggers running in opposite directions. One remarked to the other, “Two ships passing.” Immediately I was transported back to the South Bronx many years ago. . . . My cousin Herman was at my housing project apartment for a sleep-over. Except neither he or I could sleep, for in a few days we were to leave for Paris Island, South Carolina, and Marine Corps boot camp. We [continue reading…]

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Jan 302015

by Ronnie Sands… The first time I recall hearing of it was in the early ’80s when comic genius Richard Pryor set himself ablaze. My first physical contact with this particular vampire occurred not long after that. Since then I have smoked it with the lowest of the low, the people who eat out of dumpsters on a regular basis. I have indulged myself with it in the company of a member of the family, which we in this country call American Royalty, and with [continue reading…]

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Jan 162015

by Ronnie Sands Friday finally came, not just any Friday, but one of the so too few twice-a-month payday Fridays. So begins the ritual in my home. I hand over my paycheck to my wife Cheryl, who also doubles as the family accountant. Thank God for her gifted talents of paying the bills and going to the market. If not for this bi‑weekly ritual, my wife and I would probably be living under one of the already too crowded bridges of Key West. But this was [continue reading…]

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