Ronald Sands

Mar 102017

‘THE HOOD?!!’ One evening an individual asked me “What hood you from?” I replied HOOD?!!!!! I am not from no ‘HOOD’ my friend, and I will never be. I then told him where I was from and where I will always be from. I am from The Slums I am from The Ghetto I am from from an experimental project started by our government called, ‘THE PROJECTS’ Where families with little and next to nothing, Not only raised their own families, they instinctively raised The [continue reading…]

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Sep 182015
Key West - I Came, I Saw, I Was Arrested

by Ronald Sands……. ….In retrospect, I see myself as somewhat noble, hell I was downright gallant. For in Key West, there was a dragon I had to confront. I am one of the shareholders/owner of the Lofton B. Sands Estate. And I wanted to personally confront why after three years under the control of a relative I have only received $100. While this woman has multiple vehicles, dripping in jewelry, etc. Police were called to my property at 322 Truman for an unrelated incident. One [continue reading…]

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May 292015

by Ronald Sands……………….. For decades I have existed in the realm of darkness; a place of deceit, the precise location of iniquity. And I was totally resigned to die there, with a crack pipe in my mouth, a drink in my hand and the facial orifice of someone vehemently bobbing on my lap. On the twenty ninth day of June 2014, I for reasons at that time unknown to me, left my family’s estate in Key West and voyaged in what, looking back to that [continue reading…]

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