Ken Sullivan

Feb 192016
Goombay & Fantasy Fest: Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

by Ken Sullivan……. As the lead organizer of the family friendly opening event of this two weeks of fun, frolic and fundraising, I have something to add to the debate about Fantasy Fest. We have endured insults and accusations that questioned the integrity and motives of our worldwide charitable organization that gives tirelessly to the members and community we serve. If you live in Bahama Village, the neighborhood that surrounds the graveyard, low income areas of Stock Island and other depressed regions in lower Monroe [continue reading…]

Jun 052015
Walmart to Pay $15 Minimum

Dear Editor: I can’t help but to inquire about the Walmart detractors now that Walmart raised the minimum wage at all Walmart stores to $15 an hour. That will really put the pressure on employers to pay a fair wage to attract the best and the brightest to work for them. What say you now? Walmart will bring jobs and jobs are what we need. Jobs with benefits and opportunity. Ken Sullivan Key West

 June 5, 2015  Posted by at 12:20 am Issue #117, Letter to the Editor 3 Responses »
May 012015
GUEST COLUMN: Black in Key West (or anywhere in America)

by Kenneth Sullivan… In this age of tweet, Instagram and sound bites, we have learned to shorten our opinions to a limited number of characters. This means we do not give complete thoughts in our public opinions. I read in the Citizen a comment that inferred that Black Folks are inherently bad people. This is not true. The fact is the police in Key West, and nationwide, target Black Folks; particularly young Black males. That’s why there appears to be more crime in the black community, [continue reading…]