Aug 282015
Approach of Erika Puts Readiness Plans in Motion

Tips from Waste Management on pre- and post-storm preparation After a severe tropical storm or hurricane, garbage and recycling collection and debris removal are vital to beginning local recovery and revitalization. To prepare prior to advancing storms, all residents and businesses should take actions to secure their garbage cans and other recycling and trash containers in a safe location. Remember to tie down or secure all loose items on the property that can become unsafe in high winds. If a tropical storm or hurricane does [continue reading…]

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Jul 242015
103 Bins, Zero Flies

by Rick Boettger……. I really like Tony Yaniz. He was the lone Commissioner who fought to get two-way traffic back to North Roosevelt Boulevard, saving desperate local businesses. I know he is always on the job, and believe he always tries to do what is good for his district and the city. But on returning to twice/week garbage pickup, we respectfully disagree, as in “Tony, you gotta be kiddin’ me!” We met by chance last Wednesday afternoon and I asked if I could get city [continue reading…]

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