Richard Rohe

RIchard (Tuna) Rohe is a Key West Artist who offers regular satirical commentary via his Tunatoons.

Dec 042015
Tunatoons - Garbage Terrorist

by Richard (Tuna) Rohe……. All the Sea creatures have had enough with humans dumping all their Plastic in the oceans. So they have decided to become GARBAGE TERRORIST in order to get some attention! Watch out they are on their way ………….

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Nov 272015
Tunatoons –  Laurence and the Sea Creatures are Becoming Garbage Terrorists

by Richard (Tuna) Rohe……. Adding together 192 countries dumping their garbage in the oceans, science estimates 4 million to 12 million metric tons of plastic a year! Laurence Lobster and his Sea Creatures are gathering together to become GARBAGE TERRORISTS and plan to attack the plastic Industries? Well maybe?

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Nov 202015
Tunatoons – Laurence the Lobster… Houses Underwater

by Richard (Tuna) Rohe……. The oil and gas industry is freely dumping gas into our atmosphere like an open sewer for decades. For 20 years, the industry is effecting the climate with methane that is 86 times worse than CO2. Meanwhile, the oceans are rising… and Laurence the Lobster Real Estate is taking advantage of the underwater houses.

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