Nov 182016

Before soldiers are sent into combat, they’re trained on how to function in an immensely dangerous environment. But they also need training on how to return from the battlefield to civilian life, says psychologist Hector Garcia. Applying the same principles used to prepare soldiers for war, Garcia is helping veterans suffering from PTSD get their lives back.

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  One Response to “We Train Soldiers for War. Let’s Train Them to Come Home, Too”

  1. My Niece just secured a coveted position with “Ted Talks”. This non-profit global community is an uplifting and consciousness expanding venue; devoted to spreading and expanding Ideas.

    Upon returning to the United States from the Vietnam War, I was medically discharged because of wounds incurred in combat.

    I was wired kind of tight. I didn’t feel safe, welcomed or comfortable anywhere; or with anyone. I frightened my family, acquaintances and friends. The VA hospitals were all stressed out. The one where I lived was shut down because of unsanitary conditions, drug use and mass negligence.

    I drifted to the underworld; living in the streets, subways and on roof tops in NYC for the next 4 years.

    I embraced my Homelessness. I made an effort not to disturb nor bother anyone, as I worked through the challenges I faced. Perhaps this period in my life was a necessary for my growth and transformation. It gave me time to become familiar with my God and work out some troubling issues and concerns.

    What Dr. Hector Garcia says in his video makes perfect sense….

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