Man Charged With Child Neglect

A 35-year-old Marathon man was arrested Thursday night after he was found asleep behind the wheel of a running pickup truck with two small children inside.

Middle Keys Deputy William Daniels and Sgt. John Smith were called to 122th Street in Marathon at 6 p.m. regarding an unresponsive man inside a pickup truck.

Upon arrival, Deputy Daniels spoke with the woman who called 911. She stated she was leaving the Community Cooperative Preschool when she saw a man, later identified as Jason Edward Solomon, sleeping behind the wheel of a pickup truck in the parking lot. She said she saw two young children, ages 3 and 5, inside the truck who were crying and trying to wake Solomon.

The woman stated she removed the two children, put them in her vehicle and called 911. The children were not injured.

Sgt. Smith turned the truck off. Solomon reportedly had a substance on his nostrils and on his face which led deputies and paramedics to believe he ingested narcotics. Paramedics used an anti-narcotic drug to revive Solomon. He was taken to the hospital.

According to reports Solomon told Deputy Daniels at the hospital that he crushed and snorted three Percocet pills. Solomon told the Deputy he remembered picking up the children and taking them to the pickup truck outside, but did not remember anything further.

Solomon was taken to jail after he was medically cleared at the hospital.

The children’s mother was called and they were left in her care.

The Florida Department of Children and Families was notified of the incident.

Solomon was charged with child neglect/endangerment.


Note: Information in the crime report comes from local area law enforcement; please remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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