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Enjoy it While it Lasts!


Dear Editor,

You’d better enjoy these low gas prices while you can. Just read that the head of British Petroleum (BP) said OIL Prices Will Rise. How many of you remember back in ’72-’73 when the government created Oil Shortage, which was another big LIE perpetuated by them claiming we were running out of oil. I had talked to some employees of Badger Pipeline and was advised of the lie. I was told of the oil tankers anchored offshore waiting to unload because there was NO STORAGE left to unload their cargo. If you remember gas at that time was $0.36 per gallon. Our government claimed there was an ARAB boycott. Bull Shit. After this false shortage the prices of gas Doubled. Looks like the people will get screwed again by big business/US gov. Want to bet gas prices will be back in the $3.00+/gallon by summer driving time.

Dr. Geno

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