2 thoughts on “Contest: Create New Government Seal for Monroe County

  1. I think the prominent anchor on the current seal is rather appropriate in that Monroe County restricts the activities and constitutional freedoms of it’s non-bubba and non-favored developers. However, I think a ball and chain might be a fitting replacement for the anchor in light of BOCC decisions of the last few years.

    How much to replace all the decals on MC vehicles, replace all the stationary, replace all the building logos and various signage with a new seal?
    What budget does that money come from?
    What is under-funded because of the cost to change everything carrying the current seal?
    Why is there this sudden need for a new seal?
    Whose idea was it?
    Who stands to profit from this “bling exchange” that serves absolutely no practical purpose?
    I smell another rat.

  2. Another waste of taxpayers money. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Neugeant, Rice, & Murphy figured out a way they could use the Infrastructure Sales Tax fund earmarked for the CRWS like they took $2.7million and GAVE it to the St. of Florida to fix the St. of Florida’s old bridge.

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