Women’s Journal Writing Group Forming: 5-Week Session

Susan Wadii-Ells  Photo by Johnnie White

Susan Wadii-Ells Photo by Johnnie White

Want to organize your jumbled thoughts?  Is it time to figure out your feelings about your mother? Do you need a peaceful place to write your  experiences and connections that have created your life thus far?

The Journal Writing Group is a place where women can safely write down their lives, letting  thoughts  tumble out of their bellies, leaving their critics, their monkey minds behind.

Beginning the week of November 11, the group will meet for five 90- minute  sessions,  Wednesdays from 6-7:30 pm

Led by Key West writer, Susan Wadia-Ells, a long time journalist, change agent and health writer, who has led journal writing groups at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, University of Vermont and Vermont College,  Wadia-Ells holds a PhD in women’s autobiographical writing and has studied journal writing practices with Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones) and with Lamont Poetry Prize-winning author, Minnie Bruce Pratt.

Wadia-Ells is creator and contributing editor of The Adoption Reader: Birth Mothers, Adoptive Mothers, and Adopted Daughters Tell Their Stories, Seal Press; the recent ebook, Busting Breast Cancer: Birth Control Drugs, and the forthcoming paperback. Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps to Protect Our Daughters/Ourselves from this Unnecessary Disease.

Cost of the 5 week session is $125, or $30/session. The group is limited to 10 women. Sessions will be held in Old Town, with free parking available. To learn more about this self-learning methodology, or the upcoming five week program, contact Wadia-Ells at susan.we@comcast.net or at 978 578 1546.

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