Upcoming Hometown PAC Events


On Monday evening, August 4 and on Monday evening, August 18, great political events are in store for Key West/Monroe County voters when political pundits question primary candidates (the Primary Election is August 26, 2014) for the following offices:

·      Mayor of Key West

·      School Board, Districts 1,4 and 5

·      Monroe County Commissioner, District 2 (2 Republicans are in a primary race, the winner of which will oppose a Democrat in the November General Election)

·      United State Representative (5 Republicans are in a primary contest to determine who will run against Incumbent Joe Garcia)

·      Mosquito Control Board, District 5 (2 Republicans are in a primary fight—the winner to face a Democrat in the November General election)

·      Circuit Judges, Group 1 and 4

The political mavens will be representatives of local newspapers and radio and television stations, business people, attorneys and others —a diverse and knowledgeable cross-section of the political spectrum of our community

Hometown PAC has not as yet finalized the venues for these events save for the fact that the locations will be in Key West, or which groups of candidates will be questioned on the aforesaid dates.

Candidates not involved in primary contests, such as the contest for Mosquito Control Board, District 2 (Philip Goodman(R), Roger A. Cousineau (D) and Lynda Schuh (I)); Geoffrey Bailey (D) running unopposed for the Democrat nomination for the Mosquito Control Board, District 5; Eleanor McAdams, running unopposed for the Democrat nomination for County Commissioner, District 2; and Incumbent Congressman Joe Garcia who is unopposed for the Democrat nomination for U.S. Representative, will not participate in these primary forums. They will, however, be part of the forums for the November 4, 2014, General Election

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