Rowell’s Marina Purchase: A Brilliant Move


To the Editor:

The Monroe County Commission’s decision to purchase Rowell’s Marina is a brilliant move that will benefit and reward its citizens in perpetuity.

Our county commission, county manager and local residents worked long and hard for many years to secure this procurement. It was well researched and investigated. What a novel idea, government working in concert with the governed to obtain an objective that will add to the quality of everyone’s life.

Businesses, residents and tourists will thrive at this prime location. Revenue will flow into our coiffeurs, as taxpayers experience the relief that this purchase will provide to them.

It’s unfortunate that Commissioner Danny Kohlage was blinded by the obtuse and myopic vision of an exquisite acquisition that all will benefit from. The negativity of those unable to see the value of this jewel, stems from them wanting to get a hand out to pay for their sewer connections. Unfortunately, that issue is water under the bridge, as that ship has left. The time to address the government’s unfunded sewer mandate occurred many years ago. It appears that they were sold out by previous elected officials who were unable to protect and serve them.

Except for Commissioner Kohlage, this has not been the case with our county commissioners. Every step of the way, along with the county manager, they gave leadership, guidance and counsel as they navigated a course to our goal. Fail-safe methods were incorporated in this process to insure that there will not be any buyer’s remorse.

It’s an extraordinary purchase for the people of Monroe County.  The courage, tenacity and wisdom of those county commissioners who voted in favor of this procurement are applauded. Thank you for your intelligent and trusted leadership.


Jessie Davis

Key Largo

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  One Response to “Rowell’s Marina Purchase: A Brilliant Move”

  1. Such praise for the Commission, but I hardly think the Rowell property a “brilliant move” when they are paying 250 K more than the appraised value and have no cogent business plan for it Yes, it’s great that the commission wants to create more parks – more power to them, , but they are using the infrastructure tax money to do so and that is not what we voted for. That is why Danny Kohlage voted against it – correctly in my opinion . Man , I don’t now how long you have been here , but Danny Kohlage is the last person I would ever accuse of being ” blinded by the obtuse and myopic vision” , He goes by the book . We voted for that infrastructure sales tax. To use it for things other than sewers first is not what was intended. The grinder / low pressure system being proposed is the cheapest way out – for now, but a lot of information has surfaced that shows it’s not the best solution. I wish you luck with Rowell’s purchase, but the 5 million should go back to the infrastructure projects as was intended.

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