PROTECTING THE COMMUNITY FROM NATURAL DISASTERS A Guide to Flood Insurance, Flood Mitigation and Wind Mitigation Programs

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Monroe County and the Florida Association of Counties are offering a FREE Wind and Flood Mitigation Workshop on Thursday, June 12th in Key West and Friday, June 13th in Key Largo. The workshops have been designed for homeowners, utilities, governments, developers and contractors, realtors, insurance agents, businesses, and homeowner & condo associations.

The workshop includes how recent changes to the National Flood Insurance Program will affect flood insurance rates in our cities and County, steps to lower flood insurance rates as well as wind and flood grant programs for residents, governments, commercial properties and homeowner developments.

The workshops are scheduled for Thursday, June 12 (9 am – 12 noon) Harvey Government Center, 1200 Truman Avenue in Key West and Friday, June 13 (9am – 12 noon) Murray Nelson Government Center, 102050 Overseas Highway in Key Largo.  The workshops will be televised live on MCTV Channel 76.

Representatives of Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe will also be present.  If there are more specific questions about the content of the workshop and who should attend, please contact Eric Poole at (850) 922-3677 or


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