Presenting Featured Artist: Sahara Graft



Sahara Graft, a diligent student and avid runner, spends the majority of her off time in the nature of Big Pine. Sahara finds greatest joy in observing the interactions between wildlife and in the way we, as people of the earth, interact with nature. Graft finds inspiration in her loving grandfather who has painted a path for Sahara’s artistic ability through his beautiful works of art and constant support. Her pictures depict a world where humans can live in nature without damaging its pristine beauty. Sahara is a senior in Ms. Shannon’s Advanced Placement Photography class at Key West High School.  Shannon will be attending the U.S. Naval Academy where she will study Chemistry.  Sahara intends to become a doctor.  Go to the full article to see more of Sahara’s beautiful work.


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  1. Your work is amazing, Sahara. Keep it up!

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