Police Investigating Police — Will Not Expose Criminal Cops — Nor — Protect Citizens …



by John Donnelly…….

All members of law-enforcement that I’ve spoken with, upon questioning, were willing to address the continuing abuses that are systemic within their agencies, resultant from “cops investigating other cops”.

I challenged them on the extent to which “The Blue Wall of Silence” actually applies. Are there any limits on the types of misconduct covered under this ‘code’?

I mentioned several hateful and savage crimes, and asked if the offending police officer would be shielded from their barbaric conduct by their silence. After obfuscating a clear response and upon being pressed for an answer, they all said their fellow officer would be provided cover.

Please be mindful, that these police officers are admired and vibrant members of their respective communities. Although I was taken aback by some of the  conversations, for the most part, these individuals are  trusted and held in high regard. I’m aware that on the firing line of life, in combat settings with a murderous element, the lines of decency can be blurred.

However, crossing these lines are improper and unacceptable. It breeds a culture of corruption, whereby tainted officers can become judge, jury and executioner. An alarming and outlawed proposition.

I was informed by members of law-enforcement within the ranks, that they disciplined one another by directing their contempt, ridicule and scorn at the officer in need of correction, via a series of actions that isolated, ignored and separated the offending party from the main body.

Powerful behavior modification techniques, as they are, they have nothing to do with protecting innocent children and civilians from the criminal element within a police department.

My study of ‘government employee performance’, has provided me with data that supports the 10% theory. This doctrine states that approximately 10% of the staff at any given bureaucracy are either corrupt,  incompetent, negligent or inefficient.

A heavily armed police force has its fair share of ‘bad apples’. The most prominent type of misconduct by law-enforcement in the United States is excessive force (police brutality). Over the last 13 years, since 9/11, this type of violence has increased by 66% (USA Today).

Please forgive my digression. Returning to the point where I proffered my disagreement with many of the  explanations and conclusions reached by the officers concerning ‘the blue wall of silence’; I offered alternatives based upon some of my experiences. I advanced the notion that corrupt  officers denigrate the overall performance of a unit, damage morale and weaken the cohesiveness and effectiveness of the organization. In addition, the very fabric of what they are supposed to stand for is destroyed, when a ‘bad actor’ continues to adorn a  uniform.

In addition, the psyches and souls of those entering the darkness are lost. Succumbing to their unrestrained aggression, they transition into the realm of ‘law breaker’. The spiraling callousness of these former ‘guardians of the law’ are exponentially intensified, trending to exacerbate future violent and contemptible behavior.

Self-loathing and self-hatred frequently amp up these officers aggression, prompting risky and self-destructive behavior, while putting innocent citizens in the line of fire. This is why bold and unwavering leadership are necessary from a police chief.

City officials charged with the responsibility of managing, and appropriately monitoring  the amount of force being perpetrated upon the city’s residents, appear to be absent and irrelevant.

Allow me again to pick up where I was in disagreement with the explanations offered by the police. My comments were rebuffed. They were glossed over with an attitude of indifference. The consensus of opinion was, as an outsider, I could not realistically assess the necessities of a working police department.

Unresponsive and dismissive to civilian input, it appears that unbridled powers of law-enforcement will continue to maintain a lawless component, capable of  birthing a reckless disregard for human life. If left unchecked, police departments will continue to investigate and shield  themselves from the consequences of their misdeeds.

All sorts of stereotypical attitudes arise from such corruptive power. Without firm leadership, operational control, and a disciplined directive managing all missions; some police officers will use their power and authority recklessly. Not answerable to any legitimate oversight, malicious and deadly force may be resorted to, exacting  injury upon an unsuspecting and innocent citizenry.

Reigning in a heavy handed  police department requires a strong-willed city government with steadfast resolve. Hard questions need to be asked of these public servants. An inquiry that examines the veracity of the answers given, is owed to the taxpayers.

Employing a conscientious, competent and credible police chief, capable of effectively supervising  their department with integrity and sensitivity, is a requirement that must be met and adhered to by the mayor and city commissioners.

The safety of police officers, children and innocent civilians are contingent upon this prerequisite receiving the highest priority.

Absent leadership, and the accompanying willingness of the mayor and commissioners to take a hard look at improving and transforming the KWPD, evil will flourish as good cops and people do nothing.

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  45 Responses to “Police Investigating Police — Will Not Expose Criminal Cops — Nor — Protect Citizens …”

  1. Mr. Donnelly….

    you just don’t get it; you keep trying to explain the world as if the paradigm you “see” and “experience” is real. I do not have the time right now to fully explain, but you have to see the world for what it is, not how its meant to be seen.

    the police are not composed of some “bad apples” or led by feckless mayors and city commissioners. police departments act as they do because that is what their mandate is. city leaders do not reign in their “rogue” officers because they are complicit in their “mission.”

    why do you think there are IQ restrictions placed on hiring candidates(and the lower the better)? why do police look like storm troopers? why do they use S.W.A.T. to serve warrants? why aren’t police ever charged when they kill and maim? why are all these abuses nation wide in occurrence?

    it is because it has been institutionalized. they are doing exactly what they have been told to do.

    Mr. Donnelly, it’s time to open your eyes and wipe away the fog that clouds your vision.


    • The police are never charged when they kill or maim because they will shut down the law industry.
      Police have political capital . If a cop is charged, the blue wall goes up. They will stop issuing summonses and stop making other arrest. What this will do is empty the courthouses. If the courthouses are empty, the lawyers offices will be empty. Nobody will be making any money off the cop- lawyer industry.

    • The law industry is a money making scam. The motto used to be ” To Serve And Protect’
      It has been change to ” To Serve And Collect’
      Do you remember when a 14 year old boy was arrested for sexual assault last year? He and his 14 year old
      girlfriend were caught having drunken sex. They were both drunk but the Key West police only arrested the boy for some reason. I was told that the girl was on top of him but the police still arrested the boy. They were both drunk but the police only arrested the boy ?? I have learned that the police and prosecutors are able to receive Violence Against Womens Act incentive money fro the feds for every male they arrest. The prosecutor receives the money even if they lose the case so they have no incentive to drop a bad case.
      There was another case where a water sports company mate was charged with sexual assault.. The same thing happened. They both went to their apartment, had sex and she wanted Ky—- charged with rape anyway. The police , prosecutor and victim all are able to receive VAWA money. The public has no idea that this system exist.

  2. Before Stew Shaw interviewed me on WAIL 99.5 FM Radio Wednesday morning, he said he first arrived in Key West in 1977, lived here a long time, then went a way for a while and not long ago returned.
    The interview was about 9 minutes, Stew raised the “Morning Stew” topics. We covered the city spending its time and energy trying to get street people out of sight in a shelter at night, instead of providing affordable rental housing for new homeless people and people about to go homeless; the dirtiest worst possible cruise ships calling on Key West; and the ocean being infested with MRSA, which is known to all divers and physicians in the Keys.
    Stew did not ask about KWPD issues.
    After the interview, I said not one candidate forum or candidate debate has asked the mayor candidates about police misbehavior, and I wonder if the Business Guild forum at noon that same day will go into that? (No, it turned out.)
    Stew said he’d seen and heard of a lot of bad things done to people down here by KW police officers. Horrible things. To people he knew, who were not homeless. Stew said it’s been like that no matter who was the police chief; no matter how good the police chief, police officers mistreating citizens persisted; it’s part of the police department, Stew said.

  3. Keysbum,

    I do understand that the world’s structures, along with many (and perhaps all) of its institutions, are designed to preserve their power.

    Knowing that, I still must make my life relevant and purposeful. Being born into a life on this planet, I must make sense out of it and create and a form that works for me.

    I’ve not comported my life into any particular design, so that it will appropriately fit into this world. I’ve manipulated, managed and molded what this life offers, as it offers it, into my own miracle.

    I dance, sing, march, learn and suffer; in accordance with my own Drummer. Always have, and always will.

    Intuition and penetrating insight are gifts that allow me to deal with things that are before me. Living in the ‘Now’, is divorced from speculation, pre-conceived ideas and fear. It is a perfect union between what is, and what I am, at that precise moment.

    Have you ever known an individual, who has worn a uniform, that you admired or respected?

    Have you ever known or heard of a police officer, that performed an extraordinary act of bravery?

    Have you ever heard of a police officer that comforted the dying and distraught, while placing their life on the line to protect and preserve the life of another?

    On a regular basis, too frequently to keep track of, men and women, such as those described, have made their presence known in my life. These are irrefutable facts that do not require your agreement or endorsement to be true. Perhaps you need to broaden your horizon and recognize that their other realities, which are incongruent with yours.

    Many of my young friends who joined the NYCPD were courageous, tough and intelligent. To a person they would give you the shirt off their back.

    My wounds prevented me from joining the force with them. Do you really think anyone within the NYCPD was going to require me to be abusive or engage in any type of criminal conduct?

    These newly sworn-in officers did not surrender their integrity and honor at the door. They brought their character and core values with them.

    As yourself, police officers make mistakes. When cops unnecessarily use deadly force, perhaps, not only should they not be cops, they should be required to adorn an inmate’s uniform at one of our prisons.

    I don’t like bullies and those that beat and kill a man when he is down (Arthur McDuffie or Charles Eimers).

    Across the planes of consciousness we live with the paradox, that opposite perspectives can be simultaneously true. If we can identify with that ‘Awareness’, we will no longer live in a world of polarities.

    • Mr. Donnelly:

      to answer your question on whether or not I have ever respected a person in uniform, the answer is no. people in uniform are, exactly what the word means, uniform. they are uniform in thought, action, and deed; they are drones who march to the same beat of a master, and perform without thought or feeling. they are willing to throw their humanity away and steamroll anyone who is put before them.

      do police officers and soldiers perform acts of kindness, selflessness, and heroism? you bet. but they also perform acts of barbarity and cruelty. these things do not cancel out; this is not a zero sum game.

      take a soldier for instance, say you. you’re in a village in Vietnam and playing with the kids, handing out lollipops and chocolate bars, and putting huge smiles on their faces. the next day you are ordered to go back to that village and burn it to the ground and kill anyone who gets in your way. does the previous days kindness even out the next days brutality?

      the answer is obvious.

      the other question Mr. Donnelly, is would you follow that order to destroy the village and villagers? if the answer is yes, and we both know it is, than perhaps you can understand my position on people in uniform.

      perhaps you can then understand my view of the world and my unwillingness to succumb to accept, without question, without skepticism, without erudition, what I am told.

  4. Sloan,

    Commend your courage and eagerness to discuss issues that Cates and Romero just want to go away. An individual of your intelligence and steadfastness is necessary to make the city work.

    It appears that Stew has a forum that could be a powerful and formidable instrument, in addressing KWPD abuses. Perhaps he will consider moving in that direction.

    When the TDC, Lodging and Business guilds, along with the Chamber of Commerce are hit with a backlash from the issues at hand, they are going to sing another tune.

    The governor and attorney general know that the genie is out of the bottle on this one.

    • Thanks, John. Stew had me on the air because he’d already had Mayor Cates on the air, and he had Margaret Romero scheduled after me – giving the mayor candidates equal time.
      Perhaps after the election, or elections, Stew might be open to what you suggest, but for now, he would have to afford Craig and Margaret the same air time as I would receive.
      I hate to say it, but I mostly agree with Keysbum on how things are and why nobody should trust their government just because it’s their government.
      I agree with you, John, that a person must march to his/her own drum beat, or become uniform, part of the nearby herd, which is about like dying, but still breathing – zombie-fied.
      I, too, engage a lot of really bad shit, and like you, I put my face, name and body into it; I put myself at risk ongoing.
      But, as I’ve written many times now, I don’t expect to see ant change; I engage what is arranged for me to engage, in keeping with my “Grail Knight” training, you can take that literally, if you wish, and in keeping with my spirit guidance’s directives and corrections.
      It keeps coming to me lately, John, to say what you keep writing about, what you keep engaging, is, to be blunt, Evil. You can take that literally, in the worst sense imaginable.
      The wrong-doing people you engage are Evil’s human proxies, perhaps unawares, perhaps not – it can work either way.
      Every situation I am arranged to engage is being influenced by Evil. It is rough, taxing and gravely dangerous work. I cannot do it safely, or reasonably okay, without the spirit guidance backing me up and steering and correcting me.
      In the main, the New Age does not recognize Evil. In the main, Christendom believes its salvation formula protects it from Evil. Islam is like Christendom in that respect.
      Evil is insidious and pervasive; as far as I know, it infiltrates every human endeavor, organization, system, etc.
      Evil is why the police you mentioned in your article, John, did not come around.
      As for NYPD, I am pretty sure “Serpico” was based on actual events in NYPD.
      The Vietnam war was run by Evil. The current American wars are run by Evil. I doubt there ever was a war not run by Evil.
      The Charles Eimers and other KWPD cases the blue paper broke and continues to cover are run by Evil.
      That’s really important to appreciate, because Evil uses such situations to try to infect the very people opposing it, and Evil is quite clever and subtle about how it does that.
      So clever, John, that I wager if I were sent in to any church in Key West to engage the congregation about something the angels feel is important, I would feel the palpable presence of Lucifer that church.
      I say that, because that’s what happened each time the angels sent me into different churches in Key West to engage something of concern to the angels in those churches.
      The only church I have entered in Key West where that has not happened is St. Peter’s Episcopal, which was given to me to seek spiritual refuge at times, and not to engage anything going on in it,
      I suppose that’s because I was christened and confirmed in an Episcopal church, and I was raised by a black woman who loved me as her own, an angel among my white family unawares. St. Peter’s was built by descendants of Bahamian slaves. It’s congregation still is mostly African-American.

    • “When the TDC, Lodging and Business guilds, along with the Chamber of Commerce are hit with a backlash from the issues at hand, they are going to sing another tune.

      “The governor and attorney general know that the genie is out of the bottle on this one.”

      I don’t expect, John, to see any of the above, local or state level, change their tune, and I don’t understand why you, after all you’ve seen and engaged in your life, see them coming around.

      I bumped into Naja and Arnaud at Harpoon Harry’s the morning. I said, not in one candidate event has the KWPD been put to the mayor candidates for discussion. Arnaud said, nobody wants it discussed, made public, that would be bad for business. That’s what’s important to them, John, business.
      Governor Scott probably had his attorney general oppose the appeals from local county courts approving gays and lesbians can get married. Governor Scott is as conservative, politically and religiously as it gets. He came into this position under a cloud of alleged corporate criminality.
      I figure he’s about as trustworthy and concerned about what is going on in Key West as was Lyndon Baines Johnson and George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama concerned about what God felt about the Evil wars those three presidents pursued, and one still pursues.
      Absent a force majure event, call it an Act of God, if you wish, I don’t see changes you expect to see those groups and people you named, doing any different from how they now do.

  5. Ok, I admit that math has never been one of my best subjects but, if 100% of those you interviewed stated that they would cover up for a crime performed by a fellow officer, how did you determine that “10% of the staff at any given bureaucracy are either corrupt, incompetent, negligent or inefficient.”?

    I know I had stated that I would not post on your essays anymore but… Come on! Where is the logic?

  6. Sister,

    Greetings….Glad your back…Thanks for your comments…..

    All of the police officers that I interviewed, said they would provide cover for their fellow officer.

    However, they do not speak for all of law enforcement. My conversations with these officers, did not scientifically or accurately represent the entire population being examined.

    I’ve known cops through my life, who reflect characteristics that are revered by most societies. They are even tempered and straight as an arrow, in all that they do.

    The 10% theory is a separate doctrine, not specific to police departments. This study was focused upon the effectiveness of employees, in the performance of their duties, at a workplace environment.

    Many have concluded that there are incompetent and ineffective individuals employed in all walks of life. These types of employees are referred to, in some circles, as the ’10 presenters’.

  7. Keysbum,

    We’ve reached some common ground.

    Agreed…Every action produces its own unique sets of consequences. We are free to choose our paths, but we can’t choose the consequences that come with them.

    Warriors working in concert with one another, have mastered the intricate designs and algorithms of the day, while protecting their societies and families since the birth of civilization.

    These Samurai are responsible, valued and dedicated members of their nations. As long as there is a planet earth, they will be necessary, relevant and indispensable.

    As the US squanders its stature and standing in the world, Evil is, and will be, a rolling reality. It will fill the void with savage barbarianism, just turn on the TV.

    As imperfect as we are as a nation, our ‘Founding Documents’ offer the best possible alternative, for the world at-large.

    A uniform, “does not make a man”. Nor does conformity or surrendering ones humanity make an effective combat unit.

    I’m glad you don’t like uniforms. Uniformity has never gotten me to where I really wanted to go.

    Feigned kindness never offsets brutality. Some of your imagined scenarios and logic are sub-standard.

    I was in Vietnam a long time and I never burned nor witnessed a village being torched.

    As I’ve attempted to explain to you on a regular basis; hardened Marines, capable of tearing anything apart that they wanted to, knelt before children and civilians of the hamlets that we passed through, ministering to them with medicines, food and clothing.

    Why is it that you cannot expand your imagery and correct yourself, when it comes to your visualizations of Vietnam?

    If you are seeking an accurate account of the War, why do you not include my ‘primary sourced” information?

    Perhaps you’re not interested or can’t handle the truth? It doesn’t fit the propaganda and indoctrinated narrative that you’ve been instructed with.

    In your writings you appear to be brilliant and well adjusted. There is no need for you to continue to clasp onto an errant perspective, which is not supported by the facts.

    You declare your ability to read my mind and predict my conduct, behind being given a theoretical order.

    I will not dignify your instability with a response.

    I don’t want you to succumb to people wearing a uniform. Nor, do I want you to surrender to the inaccuracies and misinformation that you’ve been fed.

  8. Sloan,

    As imperfect as I am, I look to bring my ‘A’ game into all that I do. I’m not afraid of failure nor evil. I have plenty of darkness within me. I don’t have to go very far to locate it.

    However, through the years I’ve set in motion the means to acquire Self-Realization. Actualizing this power has been a game changer.

    I value your counsel and advice, as yourself, I’ve accepted the fact that I put the leg work in and the God of my understanding does the rest.

    I have a multi-tiered approach in effecting change. I know what my enemy wants and needs to be effective. Morphing into those desirable commodities, allows me to infiltrate and penetrate within their inner circles.

    Simultaneously addressing adversaries in the arena and on the battlefield of public opinion, as I sharpen and refine my techniques through deep meditation, provides me with the strength and clarity of mind to effectively proceed. “If my God be with me, who can be against me”???

    No harm or discomfort is intended for anyone.

    However, establishing and maintaining a union with my Creator, is not a trifling matter.

    It’s not a game for me. I’m willing to expend my life in pursuit of my objectives. My opponents soon become aware of the Intensity that is before them.

    Enough said…I’m letting it go at that.

    Everyone Associated will Mr. Eimers’ killing will suffer and be punished.

    The governor and attorney general are cognizant of this forlorn conclusion. The only aspects undetermined are the timing and manner under which the ‘coup de grace’ is delivered.

  9. As I’ve attempted to explain to you on a regular basis; hardened Marines, capable of tearing anything apart that they wanted to, knelt before children and civilians of the hamlets that we passed through, ministering to them with medicines, food and clothing.

    Why is it that you cannot expand your imagery and correct yourself, when it comes to your visualizations of Vietnam?

    “If you are seeking an accurate account of the War, why do you not include my ‘primary sourced” information?”

    “Perhaps you’re not interested or can’t handle the truth? It doesn’t fit the propaganda and indoctrinated narrative that you’ve been instructed with.”

    I am glad that your war experience was one of benevolence and allowed for your M-16 to have flowers coming out of its barrel rather than bullets. But ya know, the estimates were as high as 2 million people, mostly all civilians, killed in South Vietnam alone; someone, somewhere, was doing some shooting.

    perhaps if you read the book: Kill Anything That moves: The Real American War in Vietnam by Nick Turse, that might give you a narration on what happened in a Vietnam that you didn’t see, or didn’t want to see.

    It may also explain your reluctance to answer the question about a hypothetical order.

    Please understand that I am not judging you; I do not have that right, nor the temerity, nor the propensity to do so.

    But Mr. Donnelly, you really are a contradiction; you routinely rail against an issue, say police brutality and malfeasance, and the blue wall of silence, and in the next breath heap accolades on all the fine upstanding people there are in the police ranks.

    you just wont accept the world for what it really is.

  10. Based on my experience, the interesting thing about the future is nobody knows what’s going to happen in the next 5 minutes. The interesting thing about the past is it can be seriously instructive. The interesting thing about karma is it is inexorable and claims its due unless lifted by something beyond this world. From what I’ve read and heard of Rick Scott and Pam Bondi, I don’t see them being concerned about what the blue paper is publishing about KWPD.

  11. Once you realize that the “God” followed by the Israelites in the Old Testament was not the true Creator but a much darker entity, you will understand who and what your true enemies are.

  12. I wasn’t there, can’t say. But the God in the Old Testament seemed at times to be okay with lots of people being slaughtered, even to the last man, woman and child, and their animals too, and not okay with it at other times. Maybe that’s why Jesus said in the Gospels? … it was said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I said to you, do unto others as you would have done unto you, resist not one who does evil … and similar stuff, such as, turn the other cheek; do good to and pray for those who persecute you; if a man takes your goods, ask not for them back; if a many asks for your shirt, offer him also your coat; if you are taken to court, settle with your adversary along the way, lest the judge throw you in jail; take no thought for tomorrow, for each day has enough trouble of its own; you cannot worship two masters, you cannot worship God and mammon; be a generous giver, good measure pressed down; as you do to the least of people, you do also to me (Jesus) – the fun stuff I can’t say I care much trying to carry out, but I also recall Jesus saying in the Gospels, a man who hears my sayings and does not do them is like the foolish man who built his house on sand and when the flood came the house fell down and how great was that fall … darn scary guy, Jesus in the Gospels …

  13. My pardon, I left out, First, take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly enough to help your brother removed the speck from his eye. Our real enemies are inside of us; it’s a lot more fun to look for them everywhere else. The angels I am said to invent stood me in front of a mirror for a very long time, before they pushed me into public situations; the mirror was heaps of fun, I was not the fairest in the land. I was the enemy.

  14. The real enemy is your cognitive dissonance. Your inability to discern right from wrong, good from evil. If you really believe that one should “turn the other cheek” in the face of evil, then why are you so upset about what happened to Charles Eimers? Perhaps you are not actually upset. Perhaps you are just using his murder as a ruse to exhault your campaign.

  15. I quoted Jesus of the New Testament to you, Sister, after you gratuitously attacked the God in the Old Testament. Being stood in front of a mirror for a very long time is the first step on the spiritual path; it cannot be gotten around.

    I unfortunately all too well know good and evil. What I was upset about in the Charles Eimers case was being given it to engage, because I knew a great amount of Evil was in the case when I read the blue paper’s first Eimers article. I knew I would be shredded and blow-torched and poisoned and dry-iced internally, because that’s how it goes with me whenever I engage that much Evil.

    I also knew, and dreaded, the Evil I would be engaging in various people who were involved in the Eimers case, besides KWPD officers, including blue paper readers who made comments into the case. Including city officials. I knew that because it always goes that way in cases I am put into.

    Everything I am given to engage on this world is bring run by Evil. It’s what I do. I’m an exorcist priest, trained in a very different way from Roman Catholic priests. Trained by Jesus, Archangel Michael and the angelic Order Melchizedek. Incomprehensible until experienced. Way beyond horrible.

    There is no magical casting out of demons. The person or the people or the community or the city or the county or the state or the nation with the problem has to do a great deal of the work, while I do the work I can do. The “patient” has to change, to get better, and change seldom is welcome or easy.

    If it were left up to me, I would never run for public office, I detest politics and how governments work. I told someone yesterday that I so hope this is the last race I ever will run, and the angels will give me something else to do. I don’t get to make those calls though. I am conscripted, they own me.

    A poem about being conscripted jumped out of me on June 7, 2004, as I recall the date, which sums up being conscripted, without the excruciating details. Maybe I’ll use the poem tomorrow at goodmorningkeywest.com.

    I posted there today the blue paper teaser for John’s article, and the reader comments through the time I published. Perhaps I’ll do that again tomorrow, perhaps not. I’ll be steered about that tonight in dreams. I was shown in a nap dream today to add to add what Jesus said about first taking the beam out of your own eye. I was told to include it for people who have not had that excruciating and sobering experience.

    The police cases the blue paper has broken, and perhaps there will be more such cases, are but a slice of a much larger endeavor in which the angels have targeted Key West as a proxy for humanity, As Key West goes and is measured spiritually, humanity follows suit.

    I imagine there are other areas on the planet which are being used as proxies for humanitym as well. Might could call it “market research”, or “market sampling”, but done by the angelic realm, instead of by Proctor & Gamble, Frito-Lay, Toyota, etc.

    At the level of soul, Charles Eimers volunteered to have that horrible experience last Thanksgiving Day in Key West. He agreed to be used in that way, to enable the angels to steer that case to the blue paper, to begin the exposing of one quadrant of great Evil in Key West, /there are other such quadrants, which have nothing to do with the city’s police.

    How KWPD, FDLE, State Attorney Cathy Vogel, the Grand Jury, the elected and hired city officials, the rank and file residents and citizens of Key West respond to the blue paper’s efforts is being observed and measured by the angelic realm. How the blue paper owners, good friends of mine, steward what they have been given to do, is being observed and measured by the angelic realm. As am I being observed and measured by the angelic realm. As are you, Sister, and John Donnelly and Keys Bum, to name a few of the few regular readers who write in comments to blue paper police articles.

    The entire city, and anyone involved in the city’s goings and comings and issues, is being observed and measured by the angelic realm. We all are on trial, so to speak, in a court not of this world. Those to whom much has been given are held to a higher standard than those to whom little has been given. In the talent and ability sense, in the responsibility sense.

    I do not expect you to believe a word of what I wrote above, Sister. I do not expect anyone who reads it, or anyone I know, to believe it. I am not measured by external results achieved, but am measured by how I live and what I do. As is every person. Religion has missed the entire point of the spiritual journey, and that, too, is a quadrant in Key West being observed and measured.

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