Police Investigating Police — Will Not Expose Criminal Cops — Nor — Protect Citizens …



by John Donnelly…….

All members of law-enforcement that I’ve spoken with, upon questioning, were willing to address the continuing abuses that are systemic within their agencies, resultant from “cops investigating other cops”.

I challenged them on the extent to which “The Blue Wall of Silence” actually applies. Are there any limits on the types of misconduct covered under this ‘code’?

I mentioned several hateful and savage crimes, and asked if the offending police officer would be shielded from their barbaric conduct by their silence. After obfuscating a clear response and upon being pressed for an answer, they all said their fellow officer would be provided cover.

Please be mindful, that these police officers are admired and vibrant members of their respective communities. Although I was taken aback by some of the  conversations, for the most part, these individuals are  trusted and held in high regard. I’m aware that on the firing line of life, in combat settings with a murderous element, the lines of decency can be blurred.

However, crossing these lines are improper and unacceptable. It breeds a culture of corruption, whereby tainted officers can become judge, jury and executioner. An alarming and outlawed proposition.

I was informed by members of law-enforcement within the ranks, that they disciplined one another by directing their contempt, ridicule and scorn at the officer in need of correction, via a series of actions that isolated, ignored and separated the offending party from the main body.

Powerful behavior modification techniques, as they are, they have nothing to do with protecting innocent children and civilians from the criminal element within a police department.

My study of ‘government employee performance’, has provided me with data that supports the 10% theory. This doctrine states that approximately 10% of the staff at any given bureaucracy are either corrupt,  incompetent, negligent or inefficient.

A heavily armed police force has its fair share of ‘bad apples’. The most prominent type of misconduct by law-enforcement in the United States is excessive force (police brutality). Over the last 13 years, since 9/11, this type of violence has increased by 66% (USA Today).

Please forgive my digression. Returning to the point where I proffered my disagreement with many of the  explanations and conclusions reached by the officers concerning ‘the blue wall of silence’; I offered alternatives based upon some of my experiences. I advanced the notion that corrupt  officers denigrate the overall performance of a unit, damage morale and weaken the cohesiveness and effectiveness of the organization. In addition, the very fabric of what they are supposed to stand for is destroyed, when a ‘bad actor’ continues to adorn a  uniform.

In addition, the psyches and souls of those entering the darkness are lost. Succumbing to their unrestrained aggression, they transition into the realm of ‘law breaker’. The spiraling callousness of these former ‘guardians of the law’ are exponentially intensified, trending to exacerbate future violent and contemptible behavior.

Self-loathing and self-hatred frequently amp up these officers aggression, prompting risky and self-destructive behavior, while putting innocent citizens in the line of fire. This is why bold and unwavering leadership are necessary from a police chief.

City officials charged with the responsibility of managing, and appropriately monitoring  the amount of force being perpetrated upon the city’s residents, appear to be absent and irrelevant.

Allow me again to pick up where I was in disagreement with the explanations offered by the police. My comments were rebuffed. They were glossed over with an attitude of indifference. The consensus of opinion was, as an outsider, I could not realistically assess the necessities of a working police department.

Unresponsive and dismissive to civilian input, it appears that unbridled powers of law-enforcement will continue to maintain a lawless component, capable of  birthing a reckless disregard for human life. If left unchecked, police departments will continue to investigate and shield  themselves from the consequences of their misdeeds.

All sorts of stereotypical attitudes arise from such corruptive power. Without firm leadership, operational control, and a disciplined directive managing all missions; some police officers will use their power and authority recklessly. Not answerable to any legitimate oversight, malicious and deadly force may be resorted to, exacting  injury upon an unsuspecting and innocent citizenry.

Reigning in a heavy handed  police department requires a strong-willed city government with steadfast resolve. Hard questions need to be asked of these public servants. An inquiry that examines the veracity of the answers given, is owed to the taxpayers.

Employing a conscientious, competent and credible police chief, capable of effectively supervising  their department with integrity and sensitivity, is a requirement that must be met and adhered to by the mayor and city commissioners.

The safety of police officers, children and innocent civilians are contingent upon this prerequisite receiving the highest priority.

Absent leadership, and the accompanying willingness of the mayor and commissioners to take a hard look at improving and transforming the KWPD, evil will flourish as good cops and people do nothing.

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  1. I must say Sloan, that you always take my abrasive comments quite well…kudos to you.

    I can’t say that I agree with your assessment that Charles’ soul volunteered to experience a death in such a manner. Would that be true for all deaths? Even aborted babies or the children being slaughtered in Gaza right now? I just don’t believe that’s true. I see it more as their soul journey being interrupted by Evil. And if we refuse to recognize this evil and stomp it out, it will interrupt all of our soul journeys. Perhaps for eternity.

    If the angels were grading humanity collectively, we would get a big fat F.

  2. PS. Sloan…Psychopaths like the ones slaughtering children and cheering on such slaughter and like the ones who murdered Charles Eimers, have no will nor desire to heal themselves. They need to be stripped of any power they may hold over the rest of humanity by any means necessary.

    • I agree with your first sentence, and would add to it, maybe it’s worse than that; they are demonically possessed. I don’t know how to strip them of power, other than to lock them up somewhere for along time, or kill them. That’s usually the role of law enforcement and soldiers. Unfortunately, police departments and armies, navies, etc. are not squeaky clean themselves. That defaults to private citizens, militia, insurgents taking the the law into their own hands? Using any means possible? According their views?
      I don’t see anyway to stop what you deplore, which I don’t like, either.
      John Donnelly doesn’t sound like he got through to those police officers. He still defends his military service in Vietnam. I never criticized any solider for serving in that war. But I do not understand how many soldiers who fought in that war even today do not rail against it, and against later wars America launched itself into.
      I have all I can say grace over engaging what is on my plate where Iive. Key West. I see the wider troubles, and I see they are intractable, and I don’t see any human solution. I can’t say I see any solution to Key West’s troubles, either. Do you live in Key West,or nearby? Are you politically active here in a public way?
      Tell you a story, The night of 9/8/2001, a familiar voice asked me in my sleep, “Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?” It was not a dream, but I was asleep when I heard it. I awoke, said,”I ask for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity.” I wondered what was coming down?
      When it came down, I knew why I’d been asked to make the prayer, which I’d shared with a woman I was moving toward being with. She was who told me what had happened on 9/11. She said, that’s what I’d heard and prayed about. I said yes.
      We were not rattled by the horror; in fact, we were in a state of grace, which we both felt and discussed. We figured it was the angels’ doing; she’d been hearing from angels since she was a little girl.
      Our concern was that America would counterattack, get into another war; we knew that would be a horrible mistake; we hoped America would make a different response.
      A few days later, the angels told me that USA should get out of the Middle East altogether, and cease all support to Israel, and let Israel work it out or fight it out with Islam.
      America’s subsequent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan proved disastrous to America, its financial stability, it’s moral fiber, its soul; Vietnam’s lesson was lost; Lucifer loved it.
      I don’t know what the Divine Intervention look like, which I requested. I don’t know if the prayer was even answered. I was asked to make the prayer, and I made it.

  3. Once again, simply …. good cops that do nothing about bad cops are not good cops.

  4. Keysbum,

    It appears that neither one of us are willing to budge on certain issues, it’s not necessary, for both perspectives are true.

    War is ugly, birthing horrific pain and suffering for the most defenseless. Members of the Armed Forces are torn to shreds and disemboweled on a regular basis, dying in grotesque agony. Those that we fight against, are eagerly and violently pursued, dealt with in kind.

    The civilian leadership, your politicians Keysbum, created this insanity through their ineffectiveness as diplomats and creative thinkers. Their words, theories, political ideologies and peace slogans were ignored and laughed at. Their incompetency and mismanagement were the cause of genocides.

    Perhaps if you presented a more profitable enterprise for the Rothschild types to engage in; ‘War’ would cease to be their go to play.
    Certainly, a man of your caliber could be more persuasive, if they really wanted to.

    I know about peace. The Men that I served with were Peaceful Behemoths. Given the stench and filth of the constant hell endured by these Marines, withstanding every manner of killing, disease and hardship, they did not succumb to the darkness that lurked within them.

    I’m not going to repeat myself. You don’t want to hear about love exchanged in the abyss.

    Reading a book and watching a movie, as you develop your own feelings and beliefs about war, is a deeply personal matter.

    We built villages and lived with the civilians that occupied them. Protecting them from an insurgency that kidnapped and raped their children. We offered solutions, as we guarded their food supply and acquired revenues. We defended their right to live, as many were sought out to be assassinated.

    Pitted against guerrilla fighters and a standing Army, in a foreign land, we never lost our humanity.

    If you don’t like war so much, why don’t you vote in civilian leadership that has their head and ass wired together.

  5. I should have included in my last comment yesterday, that the angels targeted Key West as a proxy for humanity because it is an international city, thus represents humanity pretty well; and because the City Commission some years ago officially made One Human Family Key West’s philosophy.

    The lead clue to what Charles Eimers’ soul was up to is he told the officer who made the traffic stop that he (Charles) had come down here to do God’s work. The supporting clue was, Charles was in poor health, he could have suddenly died. From his soul’s perspective, and from the angels’ perspective, Charles’ “highest and best use” was what happened. KWPD was exposed. FDLE was exposed. City Hall was exposed. Much of Key West was exposed. State Attorney Catherine Vogel was put to respond. The “jury’s still out” on that, and on the Grand Jury, and on the city itself.

    Humanity is grading itself, the angels are simply observing and making decisions based on the “evidence”. There is no way a person, or a group of persons, or a nation, or a religion can “stomp out evil” on this world, or in the spirit realms. That has been proven over and over again in human history on this planet. America is a great example of the futility of trying to “stomp out evil” overseas. America cannot even stomp out evil inside its own borders.

    I tell people, if something going on really bugs them, say children being slaughtered in Gaza, they should be over there trying to stop it. If they oppose abortion, they should adopt an unwanted baby. Be the light they wish to see in the world. If they are really worked up, I tell them that they see themselves in the victims; they were once victims, or still are, and in being driven to try to save other victims, they are trying to save themselves. A variation of, first, take the beam out of your own eye.

    I saw a wonderful movie at Tropic Cinema last night about resolution of opposites – “Le Chef”. I hope it portends easier going for me, and for all my relations, near, distant and as yet non-existent.

  6. I’m just a piss-poor wage slave Sloan. Never sold my soul to the devil and not living off any family inheritance.

    Sloan, do you know of Rachel Corrie?

    I stand by my analysis of the “god” in the Old Testament. And many others are speaking out about this fact as well. I urge you to listen to this interview…

    This is where your cognitive dissonance shines…

    “That has been proven over and over again in human history on this planet. America is a great example of the futility of trying to “stomp out evil” overseas. America cannot even stomp out evil inside its own borders.”

    How can you do anything to fight against evil when you refuse to see it and refuse to name it?

    I believe that if enough people snap out of their delusional mind-controlled state, we CAN stomp out evil.

    One more thing, and this will be another abrasive statement but I have to bring it up…
    You stated that, “What I was upset about in the Charles Eimers case was being given it to engage”
    So, the only reason you are upset about it is because of how it effects YOU?
    At least the other two candidates admit they don’t give a ….care.

    I think from now on I am going to judge someone’s intelligence by who they think is responsible for 9/11. If they don’t say Bush(s)/Cheney/CIA/Mossad then I’ll take them for having a very low IQ.

    Yeah, I’m that B word.

    • And no, I don’t live anywhere near Key West..the humidity makes my hair too frizzy.

    • I’ll tell you something about the inheritances I received over the years, especially the last one. I renounced it, the last one, when I changed my name to Sloan Young in early 2000. I was told to change my name and renounce the inheritance, so I did that. Without batting an eye. Not having any money to speak of, and being spirit-blocked from making a living wage, I renounced the inheritance, which lay in the future. Meanwhile, I was a pauper.

      Three years later, I was told to undo all of that, and I really didn’t like being told that; I griped and argued with the angels, but they were persistent and finally they prevailed, although it took a while. I tell them often this is ass backwards. They need to remove the spirit-block, so I can earn a living wage. So far, they have not budged.

      My pardon, it was stupid of me to say that about the Eimers case, even though it was how I felt, and still feel. Certainly, I was pissed off after I read the first blue paper article. And I continued getting pissed off after I read the later blue paper articles on the Eimers case, and other blue paper KWPD cases.
      Lots of things that happen down here piss me off. Lots of things that I experience personally piss me off. Like feeling horrible a great deal of the time, because of what the angels are running through me, which nobody else seems able to process. Like not being able to make a living wage. I suppose there is a purpose beyond my knowing. Meanwhile, I don’t like the program.

      Evil is a spirit force. It is real. It is independent of human beings, but it influences human beings, it infects human beings, it sometimes even takes over human beings entirely. I call that force Lucifer, because that’s how my spirit teachers speak of it to me sometimes, as the top of the Evil ladder. Like God is the top of various religions’ ladder.
      Hitler and his cronies were taken over by a demonic entity. Stalin was taken over. George Bush and his cronies were taken over. Osama bin Laden and his cronies were taken over. To name some “famous” people who were taken over.
      I have heard other people blame 9/11 on G.W. Bush and his cronies. I would not have put it past them. I also have heard Israel was involved in 9/11. I would not put it past Israel, either. However, the angels running me looked to bin Laden for 9/11. No doubt he had help, perhaps he had help inside USA. That’s not been shown to me by the angels. If I get something new from them on that, I will publish it here or at goodmorningkeywest.com.

      Where America messed up was going to war in Iraq and then in Afghanistan. Messed up spiritually. The karma is horrific. The karma from Vietnam was horrific, and still is. Nothing I can do about it. Might be nothing anyone can do about it now. Meanwhile, life goes on. My life maybe not all that much longer, I’m 72 in October. A lot older than I figured I would get after the angels really dropped the hammer on me.

      The link you provided, I thought is was about the “false” god of the New Testament? Maybe that material gets there, but it starts off with an Aryan sperm scheme to create a “master race”? Am I supposed to get revved up about that? Hell, Sister, I am barely getting through each day, processing what the angels already are running through me like I’m a sewerage treatment facility.

      Perhaps the angels should treat you to a few minutes of living inside my body. They did that to my last wife in a dream, she told me. She was standing above me, as I lay face up on a massage table. She unzipped the front of my body and crawled inside of me. It was unbearable and she jumped out of me. Then she heard, “God wanted you to know what it’s like for Sloan all the time.”
      She said she’d had no idea what I go through, even though I’d told her many times. Now she had a glimmer. It wasn’t long after, though, that she started in on me again about my not having a paying job. Her idea was for me to practice law again. Even as I continued doing the horrible job I had, because I had no choice but to do it. The horrible job she’d been given a visceral glimpse of. She was not, to my knowledge, given an emotional, mental or spiritual glimpse of it. Just physically she felt it, briefly.

      You seem to have a lot of judgment in you, Sister, and a great deal of anger, perhaps rage more accurate; and maybe even hatred. Evil feeds on that; Evil stirs it up to have even more to feed on. That’s how Evil survives. Separated from God by its own choice, Evil sucks spirit energy out of other beings, including human beings. Angels allegiant to God do not do that; God does not do that; they do it the other way around, sending their energy outward; their power source is unlimited.
      The Eimers case, for example, is providing a great deal of food for Lucifer’s realm. The way to minimize that is to be clinical, dispassionate; act from a cool place, not from a revved up place.
      For another example, rabid pro-life and rabid pro-choice people ranting outside an abortion clinic delight Lucifer, provide lots of food for that realm. America’s response to 9/11 provided a lot of food for Lucifer’s realm. As do all wars.

      Roman Catholic priests being trained in the Rites of Exorcism are put through the wringer. They are put to confess everything they ever did, which they should not have done, and everything they didn’t do, which should have done; because in the heat of an exorcism, the demonic entity takes the exorcist priest’s inventory through the possessed in front of the priest’s helpers. If the priest gets rattled, or embarrassed, or distracted, then the priest is entered by the demonic entity, and then woe be to that hapless priest.
      The angels schooled me in that method, but did not have me use it; I have no authority to use it; it would be stupid for me to try to use it. I was schooled in that method to instill in me the truly grave danger of the work into which I was being taken; grave danger to my soul.

      It may be you take in nothing I share here with you, Sister. It may be nobody else who reads it takes in any of it. Even so, this is not new material; it’s being around a long time; I might have a somewhat different way of presenting it in a modern context.
      I stick with what I wrote: not you, nor any person, nor any group of people, nor any nation, nor any army, nor any religion will ever stomp out Evil on this world. Trying to stomp out Evil feeds it.
      Engaging Evil the way Jesus did in the Gospels does not feed it; to the contrary, Evil loses purchase in the face of the approach Jesus took and told his followers to take.
      Various esoteric religious sects have known this; some still know it. But mainstream does not know it. And that’s a big piece of why Evil is having its way with humanity, even as some people are moving in a different direction relative to many people.
      In the main, humanity is devolving spiritually. It’s been that way a long time despite numerous Divine Interventions over the Ages. Jesus was the most visible intervention, and his method worked for people who used it. Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela tried to follow Jesus’ method. That method works, even if the users are not Christians. Even if they never heard of Jesus.

    • sister…

      bush, cheney, etc., aren’t high enough on the food chain to have authorized 9/11. they take orders like everyone else. if you know their names or see them in the news, you can be sure they are just employees. the real power shrouds itself in anonymity. the people you mentioned are merely their front men.

    • I listened to the video a while, then dozed off, then woke up and heard the rest of it. I suppose I heard maybe half of it. I missed the God of the Old Testament part. The guest paints a sordid picture; Israel in the thick of it. As she described it, deviant also comes to mind. I don’t see God anywhere in this trade. What jumped out at me was my brother, now diseased. and his wife went out to California to do fertility work he told me years ago. She was not conceiving. I asked him why he was doing it? Did he want another child? Not really, but his wife did, and she’d not had children. She was not married before she met him; he had a prior wife and two children by her, the regular way as far as I know. About a year ago, She had a second child in that way, too. I had thought it was his sperm being used, but about a year ago, I was told by someone it was two different male donors. Both children I only saw once, both were blond, a boy and a girl. My brother’s first child, a girl, was blond, his son was brunette. Her hair darkened as she grew older. Same with me, I was blond when born, then my hair darkened. Same with my daughters. I don’t feel drawn to get involved in what the woman described in the video.

      Today, I saw City Commissioner Mark Rossi and his wife, a psychiatrist, at Harpoon Harry’s, having breakfast. I went over and spoke with then,and asked her if she did brain transplants, and she said no, she sends those cases up to Miami.. I said, darn, I’ve been trying a long time to find someone who does brain transplants, I need one, and Miami’s a far bothersome drive from Key West, and also, I’ve been having trouble finding anyone who wants my brain for his or hers. The psychiatrist said that could pose a problem, and I said, yes, I want a monkey’s brain, so my life will be simpler. Laughter and good lucks!

      I’m one of the demented ones who doesn’t buy that human beings descended from simians, nor do I but the view that God created Adam and Eve as the first two people. I hang it on ET’s starting a colony here, and other ETs coming along and doing genetic “modifications”. Might be the first colonizers were from the Pleiades. Might be I’m mistaken, but I won’t bet yet on that.

      All of which perhaps plays into my own sense that Charles Darwin got it backwards, to ponder humanity’s future, study apes and monkeys, who descended from early human beings. Getting a monkey’s brain is in keeping with my theory of human evolution; I suppose that’s not all that far distant from the genetics described in the interview.

      I suppose there’s some tongue-in-cheek in there, but perhaps there isn’t. I need to have something to laugh about; there’s so much going on that doesn’t cause me to laugh. Yet, as perverse as the angels’ humor sometimes seems to be. I suppose it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that human scientists ain’t yet nearly as smart as they think they are, and maybe tampering with genetics is akin to be careful what you ask for, and we plan, God laughs!

      • I appreciate your trying to listen to the interview Sloan and I appreciate all the laughs you’ve caused me throughout this dialog. As for Darwin, I think he stated that all of his theories had yet to be proven.

        There is the RH factor to consider…

        • I excerpted your and mine, Sister, on genetic discussion and dropped into the last part of today’s “just when I wuz thinking the Key West mayor’s race couldn’t get any funner” post, August 14, at http://www.goodmorningkeywest.com. Earlier in the post is some lead in to our duet appearance in the final act of the post. I really meant it about the Seven Sisters, aka the Pleiades.

          • Hey Sloan, I’ll have to look into the Seven Sisters. Are you familiar with Lloyd Pye’s Everything You Know Is Wrong video?

  7. That link does go a bit into the god in the old testament as well as other aspects of the Abrahamic religions. Many intertwined links to the roots and agenda of EVIL. Some quotes about Lucifer you might enjoy. But, if you don’t have an hour to spare to try and understand what’s going on, oh well.

    “Trying to stomp out Evil feeds it” = New Age Bullshit = Evil flourishes and becomes the norm

    Angry? Yeah, you could say. I am pretty sick of 99% of humanity holding on to their cognitive dissonance like some sort of lucky charm.

    I had a dream the other day…very symmetrical, almost 2 dimensional vision of a man in a beige suit with a beige top hat. He was standing in front of a beige building, perfectly centered between two columns, Doric I believe. It was a very short dream…I said to the man in a very loud voice…”I am stronger than you!” I immediately woke up and it felt as though every cell in my body were dancing rapidly. Was that you Sloan?

  8. Oh, and I think Stephan Molyneux has some podcasts on the “The truth about Gandi, MLK and Mandela”…hey, you brought them up!

  9. Thankfully there are some who are willing to try and fight against evil. Do you not think this puts a bit of a damper on their party?


    In the wake of the Court’s criminal conviction of Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, Jesuit head Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on July 18, Court-authorized Sheriffs armed with Arrest Warrants are seeking to detain the three convicted men today in London and Rome.

    Bergoglio, Pachon and Welby were found guilty of child trafficking and murder by a unanimous decision of the five Magistrates of the Court last Friday, and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

    • I kinda like this Court and Annet’s style. Kinda reminds me of what the angels been having me do: try cases in God’s Court. I was not given a Sheriff, however, and, as far as I know, a contract hit was not yet taken out on my life; but then, perhaps the many heretical things I have published about a few prominent New Testament persons has not yet reach the notice of the Vatican. I met and then corresponded with a previous Archbishop of Canterbury circa 1998. I met him in an interesting way in a high Episcopal church in Birmingham, Alabama. The correspondence happened after he returned to England. I did not end up impressed with him.

  10. Morning, Sister. First, a dream this morning, a woman didn’t care for my reply last night; I took it as a rebuke from the angels, not meeting you half way, perhaps; or maybe more. Will watch the genetics video later today. I hope it’s not something the angels intend to stick me into. But if they intend to do that, they will.

    Sorry, I didn’t reply to your Rachel Connie inquiry. No, I’d not heard of her. I googled her, found a Twitter thread she seemed to have started. Interesting comments in the thread. If you have something on her I can read, please advise.

    I have a beige Toyota Highlander, perhaps the man in your dream is me. Perhaps I need to add more colors to our discussion. Doric was new word for me, had to google it. Greek architecture.

    I don’t get where you get I don’t “fight against evil” – I’m in spiritual warfare ongoing; it never ceases. The last two women I was with saw that first-hand; especially the second to last, she was in it, too; it was horrible for us. We didn’t talk much about it to other people. Sometimes were were given to speak to other people about themselves, and that sometimes went better than other times. Usually, it did not go better.

    I didn’t say Gandhi, King or Mandela were saints; I said they tried to use Jesus’ approach. Jesus confronted Evil ongoing, he spoke straight to it ongoing, to his followers about themselves, to his critics and his persecutors. And he said, those who live by the sword die by the sword. His tongue was a sword. Truth was his sword. And love.

    Gandhi, King and Mandela put their lives at risk; two of them were killed for their efforts. King was killed because he came out against the Vietnam war. He knew it was a rich white man’s money war. He knew young black men were fighting that war for rich white men, whose sons, in the main, were not over there.

    It does not look to me that you and I see Evil in close to the same way. I described accurately how Evil, in the spirit, functions, exists. The New Age does not even recognize Evil exists. I wrote that into this thread the other day. The New Age seems as lost to me as Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

    I am in agreement with you, that many terrible things are going on in humanity. You name some of them.

    I have two friends here in Key West who have taken up the cause against child sex trafficking, which they have expanded to oppose all forms of slavery. It has become a crusade for them, a religion it looks like to me. Yet, I have been unable to persuade them to apply their zeal to publicly opposing the sex magnet that Duval Street is in Key West. A magnet which draws teens from Key West and up the Keys, perhaps even from the mainland. My friends rail about what’s going on elsewhere, but do nothing here. To become proactive here would stir commotion in their relationships, there might be social blow back, they might get roughed up, or killed; they might get jailed. They rail against what’s going on elsewhere, say it’s going on down here, too, but down here they take no risks. They laud passage of new federal legislation, but I don’t see that stopping the trade.

    I don’t see anything they are doing stopping the trade. The trade has a life of its own; it is being run by Evil. People are fighting back; some are putting themselves at risk. They are rescuing some of the enslaved. But the trade itself flourishes. I applaud the efforts of those who are on the front lines, taking very real risks. But I don’t see them stomping out that Evil. I don’t see new federal laws stomping out that Evil. I don’t see more federal agents stomping out that Evil. Look at how USA’s wars on drugs went. Look at how USA’s wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan went.

    Jesus didn’t stomp out Evil in his day, as I read the Gospels and look at how things went since his effort. Many Christians believe Jesus will return and then Evil will be stomped out eventually. I don’t think in that way. I’m trying to do the next thing in front of me, which always is there, the next thing. Perhaps you message to me something new I am to move into, but unless the angels do a total switcherroo, I will move into it pretty much like I have moved into past engagements they have arranged. Time will tell, of course.

    I did find myself wondering out loud to the angels yesterday, what are they cooking up for me after the mayor’s race concludes? I’ve still got that to attend meanwhile. Doing the next thing in front of me in the mayor’s race venue, and the next things in front of me in other venues. I suppose that’s pretty beige. It feels pretty beige to me.

    Beige I was not at Hometown PAC’s August 4 candidate forum. The link to the video of that forum is toward the top of this edition of the blue paper. The audio stops just before Mayor Cates’ closing comments. I followed him. My closing comments were a bit tense. My comments on the homeless question earlier in the forum were a bit tense. The audience laughed at a bunch of stuff I said before the closing comments. I took no prisoners.

    Beige also probably describes a man who has no female companion, which I have not had for almost 10 years. The angels were rough on my female companions; the angels used us to punch each other’s buttons; stretch us; it was heaps of fun in that respect. There also were wonderful moments, not of this world moments; we were enveloped, like in a cocoon, having our own experience, different from what other people were having or even knew could happen.

    The angels called it “paradise mating” – a man and a woman paired by the angels, modern Adam and Eve candidates, to walk hand in hand back into Eden, getting glimpses of it along the way, but not being allowed to remain there because for that to happen, they must be purified, changed, be made ready to be there, or they will have no chance of staying there.

    God did not tell Adam and Eve in Genesis that they could not return to Eden. However, two Cherubim wielding fire swords were stationed around the Tree of Life, to protect it and its ways, and it’s those fire swords Adam and Eve candidates have to endure, and endure, and endure, until they are cleansed and can return to and remain in Eden.

    This is not entirely symbolic; Eden actually exists, but it is not a physical place, it is a state of being, which can be experienced on this world – can be experienced. I tasted it, many times. The last novel to fall out of me, HEAVY WAIT: A Strange Tale, which Amazon.com now has in kindle, and in Spanish, is about a soul-tortured man and a soul-tortured woman being paired and taken through the flames into a very different reality, which only they experienced. That novel is a spiritual alchemy primer – a primer. My experience was far more complex and a great deal more dangerous.

    Meanwhile, I’m in ongoing spiritual warfare, and to perhaps most people who know me, I sold out and am a lazy bum living off an inheritance.

  11. Oh, the name of the wonderful resolution of opposites movie I saw at Tropic Cinema night before last is “One Hundred Yard Journey”, not “Le Chef”. Both movies apparently are about a chef, among other things. Fandango shows “Le Chef” playing at the Tropic, so that’s why I used “Le Chef” in my comment yesterday. A Tropic volunteer said last night, they thought they were going to get “Le Chef” but that didn’t work out, so far. He said he was going to see “One Hundred Yard Journey” later last night.

  12. And, the mayor candidates part of Hometown’s forum starts around the 1 hour 10 minute mark. I suppose, as the Charles Eimers case proved, a video is worth a thousand words.

  13. Question before I have to go be a wage slave…Does the mayor of KW have authority to hire and fire the police chief?

    It’s Rachel Corrie, but now you have me interested in finding out what this Rachel Connie has to say.

    Try to find Rachel Corrie’s youtube video when she was a young girl..it will break your heart.

    • Mine was a typo, I googled Rachel Corrie.

      The only person the Key West mayor has the power to fire is himself – there was only one lady mayor, I heard the locals will never let that happen again. I tried my darndest last fall to persuade City Commissioner Teri Johnston to run for mayor this year. She said she felt she was where she was most effective, being a city commissioner. She’s really smart, does all her homework for city commission meetings, asks really penetrating and pesky questions. No boasting, bombasting, politicizing. No waivering. I have seen her be the only no vote on agenda items. The mayor has one vote on the City Commission. The entire City Commission cannot hire or fire the Chief of Police. The Chief is hired by and works for the City Manager, who the City Commission hires and to whom the City Manager answers. The City Commission can fire the City Manager for good cause, or not renew his employment contract. Again, doesn’t seem much chance of a woman getting the job. Recently, the City Commission fired the City Manager for what they felt was good cause, I agreed, and the City Manager went quietly after getting a modest departure package. I keep telling people the city commission/mayor form of government should be abolished, and the voters elect an all-powerful King or Queen. I covered that with some funning in yesterday’s post at goodmorningkeywest.com.

  14. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

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