Poetry Guild Spotlights Malcolm Willison, Sunday December 7th


Malcolm Willison

Key West Poetry Guild will, on Sunday, Dec. 7, spotlight the much published international traveler and snowbird Malcolm Willison. The meeting will be held at Andy’s Cabana, a new outdoor venue at 308 Petronia St., beginning at 7 p.m.

As featured poet, Willison will read a selection of work that ranges, in his words, “from the personal to the political, across time, place, community, and family, people and relationships, myth, history and events, hours, seasons, and weather, skies and clouds, cities and countrysides, mountains and waters, geology and evolution, and voyages by road, rail, water, and air, with the arts and dreams, and some songs in various styles.”

The accessible Andy’s is right across the street from the Guild’s traditional meeting place, Blue Heaven. Guild meetings include at least one lightning round during which poets in attendance are invited to read an original poem. Auditors, of course, are welcome as well.

Willison has published poetry in a number of anthologies and in journals—among these, Blue Line, High Rock Review, Mildred, Washout Review, Hudson River Literary Review, The New Citizen, New Laurel Review, Tulane Review, and in such Key West journals as Cayo, Magazine Six and The Secret of Salt.

Nance Boylan will serve as moderator. For additional information, contact her at (908) 591-5566.

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  1. Looking forward to this!

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