Ode to Sir Peter Anderson, Secretary General of the Conch Republic


joe allen

Peter came to Key West

On a full moon night,

His sole purpose

Was fun and delight


He led a group

Called the Conch Republic,

And I’m sure everyone

Is better for it


Our passports were as real

As Monopoly money,

Some folks traveled using them

And that’s pretty funny


Saint Peter and Sir Peter

Will make a great heavenly pair,

They won’t be playing harps

It’s conch shells blowing that you’ll hear


He called me Sir Lancelot,

First Knight of the Republic,

I won the KW Poetry Slam

With my poem based on it


My running for Governor

Made him very proud,

“Let’s win this for Sir Peter!”

Now, shout it out loud!


 Who will succeed him?

We’ll have to wait and see,

Finnebar or Frank, the Magician

Is alright with me.



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