The normal randomness and chaos of everyday life sometimes catches me off guard. To even attempt to make sense of tragedy feels like a form of arrogance. Acceptance is the desired goal when facing the unimaginable, but it’s the process that is hellish. Having children opens up new worlds of bitter-sweet life experience and a portion of our little universe was cracked open and its axis made wobbly by the death of a beautiful young man from our community. His spirit of joie de vivre and sense of humor were his trade marks and death could not have been further from the mind.

His parents are two of the most loving and intelligent people I know and their love for their son and his sister is boundless. They have built a life full of solid friendships and sense of community and are now surrounded by the love they have generated. Their strength astounds me.

The past couple of weeks have knocked my head about and like death itself, altered my reality. My daily observations and assessments of political Kabuki Theater and the Corporate Juggernaut of world domination and destruction all at once seem like the plain human folly they are. My mind reels at the interior battle for balance and clarity that just isn’t forthcoming.

I cannot fathom the agony that our friends are confronting. Their message to us said in private and at the celebration of their son’s life, is simply love. Love your family and friends now. Show them your love and cherish it, nurture it and share it, because it is the only reality, the only truth.

I will continue to witness to and testify about worldly abominations and the pathology of evil, but I will remember my friend’s love and endeavor to temper my words accordingly. Rest in peace, Carson.

Alex Symington

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