Key West Mayoral Candidates Q&A Forum Scheduled for July 29th


The Key West Golf Course Homeowners Association will be hosting a Mayoral Candidates Question and Answer Forum on Tuesday, July 29th at 6:30 pm.  This event is open to all citizens of Key West.

The Forum will be held at the Key West Golf Course’s clubhouse.  There will be a cash bar available and the event is anticipated to last approximately 90 minutes.

Jenna Stauffer of WEYW-TV, the co-host and co-producer of “Good Morning Florida Keys with Rick and Jenna”, will act as moderator for the Forum.  She will field questions from the floor. All the Candidates will answer each question.  This will be a great way for the people of Key West to learn where each candidate stands on a particular issue and their views for the future of Key West.

All three candidates have been invited to participate.   Candidates Sloan Bashinsky and Margaret Romero have accepted the invitation to participate. The Homeowners Association was disappointed to learn today that Mayor Cates declined the invitation, citing a conflict with “previous engagements”.

For further information please contact the Key West Golf Club HOA at

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  One Response to “Key West Mayoral Candidates Q&A Forum Scheduled for July 29th”

  1. Perhaps Mayor Cates is unable to attend because he will be monitoring his Facebook “Craig Cates For Mayor” site. He likes to ban challenging comments and only allows feel good comments by his bubba friends.

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