Join In With GreenKeys! Help Create A More Sustainable Florida Keys


GreenKeys! is using Mindmixer as an outreach and engagement tool. Feedback from the community is critical to the success of the effort.  Their website will include survey questions and other information allowing you to provide your opinions on how GreenKeys! should prioritize strategies and recommendations in the planning process.  Help spread the word about GreenKeys! and the importance of participating in the process of creating a sustainable future for the Florida Keys.

As an overview, GreenKeys! includes several important components and is seeking your feedback for the next 6 months to finalize the Plan which will include the following activities:

  1. An “Assessment” of where the County stands now in terms of its policies and efforts to address sustainability and climate change.
  2. Information gathering to understand County and Community energy use to achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals.
  3. Workshops identifying the County’s vulnerability to climate change impacts  where the Community gets to pick the alternatives for further investigation.
  4. Input from the Community and stakeholders to decide on the goals and highest priorities through meetings and surveys.
  5. A “Plan” to address the challenges.

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