Grand Jury Clears All Officers in the Death of Charles Eimers / Vogel Brings In Expert Police Officer Defense Witness



“This allows the prosecutor to say I didn’t take the decision.  The Grand Jury did it.  The people did it.  But of course, how vigorously the prosecutor presents the case is everything.  It’s just the prosecutor presenting a case to these Grand Jurors.  If the DA doesn’t want an indictment or has questions it could be a very different thing.”

–       Dan Abrams, “Nightline” anchor and Chief Legal Affairs anchor for ABC News, when speaking about the Grand Jury proceedings in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO.

The Grand Jury’s Final Report was released this afternoon.  All Key West police officers involved in the death of Charles Eimers were cleared of any wrongdoing.

So, how “vigorously” did our State Attorney present the case for excessive force?

As we know, State Attorney, Catherine Vogel chose not to conduct her own independent investigation.  Instead, she had her assistant prosecutors Val Winter and Mark Wilson present FDLE’s findings to the Grand Jury, but announced on US 1 radio and in a press release that any other witnesses, who felt the urge to spontaneously come forward, could do so. This resulted in a few more witnesses coming forward – witnesses who had been found and urged to come forward by The Blue Paper and the Eimers family’s attorneys, Darren Horan and David Paul Horan.

What about the New York cop and his companions?  The one who Southernmost Beach Cafe employees say exclaimed that they were witnessing “legalized murder on the beach” that fatal Thanksgiving morning? Apparently, they did not just mosey into the Grand Jury room, as Ms. Vogel would have had them do.

So, who DID State Attorney Catherine Vogel go out of her way to bring in as a witness?    Enter, Chuck Joyner, a retired FBI agent and police officers’ [defense] expert witness.  A man who earns a living contracting with law enforcement agencies to train police officers and testify on their behalf in excessive force proceedings.  The same Chuck Joyner who publicly defended the actions of a Houston, Texas police officer who shot and killed a mentally ill double amputee because he was waving around a silver ballpoint pen.

Joyner testified that in his opinion KWPD officers could have appropriately used more force than they did to subdue Mr. Eimers.    Well, well, you don’t say.


To access all Blue Paper coverage on the death of Charles Eimers click here.

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  19 Responses to “Grand Jury Clears All Officers in the Death of Charles Eimers / Vogel Brings In Expert Police Officer Defense Witness”

  1. Back when this story first came out months ago, I stated that being a cop is a tough job. I have the utmost respect for the police officers who do serve and protect their community. I am hopeful there are still some of those in all law enforcement agencies in this country. It is an unfortunate fact, however, that there are way too many individuals in agencies all around the country, and particularly here in Key West, that have lost sight of their promise to protect and serve. There are rogue cops in the KWPD. There are a few whose names keep coming up in complaints and reports, ranging from police brutality, sexually assaulting alleged suspects (in public no less!), pointing their weapons at children, reckless tasing of alleged suspects, oh, and lest we forget, the occasional killing of tourist(s?). The KWPD is culpable for all of this because they are aware of it all. And joining the list of culpability are the mayor, the city commissioners, the State Attorney, the FDLE. Is anyone paying attention to all this? I might expect this from Miami, New York, or Chicago, but this is Key West. How can this little island city be so dirty and corrupt, and our local leaders be so oblivious?

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