Danny Coll: “There Really Is A Difference In Candidates for Monroe County Commission/District 2”

There really is a difference in the candidates for Monroe County Commission/District 2.
***I am the candidate who opposes extending for ten years the multimillion-dollar contract with Waste Management without first sending it out for competitive bidding.
***I am the candidate who opposes the purchase of a private multi-million dollar land deal, when it is was appraised for less.
***I am the candidate who opposes forcing many District 2 residents to use grinder pumps of questionable quality and economics. Other areas of the Keys are receiving a more reliable, less invasive and environmentally superior system.
***I am the candidate who will support term limits, and does not believe in career politicians.
***My only agenda is to represent YOU. That means returning your calls, answering your questions and seeking your opinion before casting my vote.
I want to serve you because I love this country . . . and I have a unique perspective on living here. I was born in Cuba shortly after Castro took power. Rejecting communism and seeking freedom, my father gave up his career to move to America. He took a job as a service station attendant, while my mother cleaned hotel rooms in Miami Beach. We were poor, but I learned to work hard and save money. Later I moved to the Keys where I volunteered as a firefighter, EMT/Paramedic. Eventually I started an ambulance company and purchased the Big Pine NAPA Auto Parts store. Everything I am or ever will be, I owe to this nation for the opportunity it gave me.
But our country’s finances have gotten us into deep trouble. I am afraid that the success I have had might not be available to future generations. While I cannot solve the problems in Washington, I can work to make sure Monroe County is on the right track. I can do that with the same principle that brought me success in business — HARD WORK. I can watch the numbers. I can always shop around for the best deal. If I am going to buy it, I will always know how I will pay for it.
If you support principles like these, please give me your vote on or before August 26.
Danny Coll

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