CHARLES EIMERS ARREST VIDEO: The Extended Version (26 More Seconds)


This is an extended version of the video published last December of Charles Eimers’ arrest on South Beach on Thanksgiving Day 2013. There are an additional 26 seconds at the end of this video.  We had initially received the bystander video in two parts.  The two files were sent to us under the same file name and it was originally thought that they were identical.  In fact they overlapped and the second video included an additional 26 seconds showing more of what happened to Charles Eimers that day. Those two overlapping videos have been pieced together into the extended video above.

NOTE: At the very end of the extended video it appears that one officer has placed both of his knees, and thus nearly all of his weight, on Charles Eimers’ back.

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  2 Responses to “CHARLES EIMERS ARREST VIDEO: The Extended Version (26 More Seconds)”

  1. I heard what sounds like a young woman speaking in Spanish? Was that ever translated into English?

  2. Yesterday, Naja Girard, co-publisher of the blue paper, told me that hubby Arnaud speaks Spanish and he thought the woman in the bystander’s video is saying, “Oh my God! Oh my God!”

    It occurred to me at an ungodly hour this morning, if that is what the woman is saying, then that tells me she is God’s witness that the angels indeed used Charles Eimers, whom the cops thought was homeless, to tell the world just how much Key West hates homeless people, and what a joke is the city’s one human family philosophy, and to suggest Key West’s karma for mistreating the least of its residents has only just begun.

    Might be that karma was sealed in stone a couple of city commission meetings back, when the meeting was opened with a prayer by a local Christian minister, in Jesus’ name, and the mayor and city commissioners all said, “Amen.” I wondered then why nobody objected? People in Marathon raised hell not all that long ago over prayers in the Marathon City Council being made in Jesus’ name, and it was stopped. Naja told me some time ago that Eimers told the cop who made the traffic stop that he had come to Key West to do God’s work. Maybe the former homeless man Jesus himself took over Charles Eimers last Thanksgiving Day.

    Maybe what first inspired Jesus to get so directly involved was Mayor Craig Cates’ daughter running over and killing a homeless man in front of Checkers and Daddy Bones BBQ on North Roosevelt Blvd shortly after Cates won his first term in 2009. Mike Tolbert, co-owner of Daddy Bones, was at work that night. He told me, from what he observed at the scene, the homeless man and Cates’ daughter both shared the fault. Mike said, when the homeless man’s family asked Mayor Cates to pay for their dead relative’s funeral expenses, Mayor Cates refused. The dead man’s family then sued to get the funeral expenses. Mike said that was what caused him to have no use for Mayor Cates.

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