An Open Letter To Governor Scott:


The Honorable Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida

The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Governor Scott,
I am enclosing past correspondence to you, and a copy of my published May 22, 2014 letter “Unsafe conditions endanger children,”  in the Alligator newspaper reminding you of the risk that you have foster kids placed in Key West.

The inspiration for me to continue to seek your action to remove these sheltered Monroe County kids comes from Elmer Carroll that you executed last year for the 1990 rape and strangled murder of 10-year-old Christine McGowen whose family lived next to the northwest Orange County, halfway house that sheltered Carroll.

I continue to inform the media of these two high-risk DCF (Department of Children and Families) licensed 14-bed children shelters with the heartfelt hope to reveal to the public for radical reaction.

In the last few months, I shared that you have kids placed in between two shelters for homeless indigent mental adults and males transiting out of jail with two Denver social workers with doctorate degrees and both couldn’t believe you are compromising Florida’s most vulnerable kids to live there.

Let’s hope and pray that no crime like that of Elmer Carroll to a kid will happen there at these facilities with a canal and woods very close, but, if it did wouldn’t you be liable.

Your action is needed immediately to possibly prevent history from repeating.

Thank you,

Mike Sawyer
Master of Divinity
B.S., Social Science
Denver, Colorado

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