3Wishes.com Fantasy Fest Parade Design Workshop Scheduled for August 18, 2014

Photo Fantasyfest.com

Photo Fantasyfest.com

Don’t have your dream bubble burst!  Come to the design workshop and get some good advice on how to create a fabulously over-the-top entry for this year’s 3Wishes.com Fantasy Fest Parade featuring “Animeted Dreams & Adventures”

The annual Design Workshop is scheduled for Monday, August 18, 5:30p.m., at the Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa’s Grand Cayman Room.

This workshop is a chance for interested entrants, new and experienced, to make their dreams a reality, by getting resourceful tips from previous award winners on designing and building a creative entry that is both safe and dazzling.

Presenters will include legendary local float designer Rick Worth who continues to create awe-inspiring works of parade art. Multiple-award winner Sue D’Antonio who designed and mastered walking groups which will give any large float a run for it’s money. This is your chance to learn from the experts and get their advice on how to make your entry memorable and potentially award winning!

Download a parade application at FantasyFest.com. It includes the basic rules, regulations and the fees. This year’s parade will be Saturday, October 25, at 7 p.m. For more information about the free workshop, call the Fantasy Fest office at 305.296.1817 or email parade@marketsharecompany.com.

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